rC3: Call for Assemblies

TL;DR: We are looking forward to your virtual rC3 assemblies! Please tell us about your ideas and requirements! Please register at signup.c3assemblies.de.

“You can’t do that in Hall 1”

Last year, we played copy-paste and tried to use the well-known paths. This year, everything is different. Physical distancing teaches us to strike out in new directions. So we meet in our natural habitat: the Internet.

The unexpected discovery of exciting projects is what makes the Congress feeling so unique every year. Blinking stuff everywhere. Things that want to be discovered. We want to take this feeling to the digital world. A congress “map” will invite you to explore many small niches. It’s up to you to take part in filling and contributing to this map. There’s nearly no limit to your projects and ideas, but given the tight schedule until rC3 and available resources we need to figure out what we need to provide for you. We want to start developing tech features that match your needs.


We will provide you with a central data node that allows you to connect your decentral projects, presentations, workshops and other stuff and to present them in one unified interface. You can offer content exclusively for rC3 visitors and hand out stickers/badges/achievements to participants. Technical details will follow shortly.


We activated our registration where we ask you a couple of important questions for the development of rC3. Please sign up at signup.c3assemblies.de so we know you’ll be a part of the experience and we can estimate capacities.


As usual, there will be a main lecture program curated by the content team. Additionally, we’ll have a lot of space for community stages. Any group can have their own stage for talks and interactive workshops.

Please keep in mind topics like copyright, GEMA, youth and data protection and other legal requirements. Also consider accessibility features. It’s easier for everyone to remember this before starting the project.

Chaos Studios

The main lecture program as well as community streams will not only happen virtually from people’s homes – some spaces have decided to run their own studio for pre-recording of talks or live productions. If you are interested in offering a studio, please contact the “Aufnahmeleitung” at rc3-aufnahmeleitung at hamburg.ccc.de. Important: Please take care of this until 21st October because this requires a bit of planning and coordination. If you need support with studio hygiene requirements, please contact C3GELB, who are eager to support you.

If you have any questions or you need to sort stuff out beforehand, please contact the Assembly team at rc3 at c3assemblies.de.

Your C3 Assemblies team