Play, dance and chill with Fairy Dust!

After standing in the cold for quite a long time, the Fairy Dust waits for you and your video-art-vision in the heat of Discodrama.

This is one of our four spots with art, culture, music and beauty at 35C3. Just like assemblies show their geeky stuff, these places show artsy stuff: Champions in their respective fields have stepped out of their bubble into ours, to give us light’n’beauty. Now they are curious about your reaction to their passion. Let’s all explore the entire universe – not only these four spaces:

  • Shutter Island: CCL -1 (c3nav)
    • Music from morning till morning; ambient chillout DJs and VJs.
  • Compeiler: Space between hall 2 and CCL, -1 (c3nav)
    • Opens at 2 PM, DJs and livebands from jazz to hiphop.
  • Uptime Bar: Hall 2, east-side (c3nav)
    • Music from 2 PM till 2 AM, nice chilled music while having a mate.
  • Discodrama: Hall 5 (c3nav)
    • Opens 2 PM with Fairy Dust art. Music starts at 6 PM. Party!

Chaos Communication via music is good fun for everyone – but there is much more to experience: Our excellent artists and creators offer us another view of the world – through music, creativity, light’n’beauty and design; of course in perfect technical manner. Their drive is often the same as ours when we design, create, modify and play with technology and other blinking things. Hacking can be art – and art can be a hack!

Don’t miss it: ABFahrplan!