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Have a great party time at night! Bring your friends and meet new ones in the party hotspot of the congress! Have all varieties of drinks at the bar.
Hang around during the day and enjoy (and modify!) the fairy dust and all the other light art installation, made from masters of its class!


Halle 5, look for it in the far south-east.
location (c3nav)


Opens at 2 PM serving drinks (only later ALL THE rest). Music starts at 6 PM till 6 AM.

Modify the Fairy Dust!

After standing in the cold rain and snow for too long, the Fairy Dust will find its place this time in the middle of the crowd at hall 5. A video installation will take place on the surface. This is a call for people, who can handle c4d files and have the bravery to put there vision on the symbol of the congress.
The file (c4d) contains all information about the object, as well the position and lenses of the 4 projectors. Fell free to develop whatever you like. Keep in mind that the surface is very glossy and actualy eats the light away. Rendered video best with HAP or MP4.
In the hours between 2 pm and 5 pm on the days of the congress, there will be access to the video system, when you come around and have a device with hdmi out.
Hope to see you soon :)
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