Experience the Congress at its best – join the angels!

Angels are the voluntary auxiliary carbon compounds making the whole congress possible. They run everything: introduction of speakers, audio/video streams and recordings, data, electricity and phone networks, bars, and even emergency services.

What makes being an angel so special, you may wonder. Let us answer this with a question: Are you able to run an event with thousands of visitors, creative minds, eager to discuss, explore and most of all: create?

Join the angels and find out! Doing so, you will join a community as old as the Congress itself. Since the very first Congress in 1984, everything is done by volunteers called ‘Angels’. In return, the angels get some quiet space in the famous ‘Heaven’ including food and drink supply, and the good feeling of helping out and being part of the Congress experience.

To become an angel, all you have to do is to register in the engelsystem where you can sign up for your favourite shifts, times and tasks. Many of the tasks do not need any knowledge besides showing up on time but are nonetheless vital for the Congress. Other tasks may need an introduction with which you will be provided in time at the 30C3. Please read the angel wiki page for basic information.

If you do not yet know, how to start, you can also visit the heaven and ask, how you could help. There you can also receive information about shortages and important tasks.

So if you have two or more hours to spare, sign up for a shift! We will be waiting for you in Heaven!

If you don’t want to participate in making the congress work, at least take your time and thank at least 3 angels every day to show your gratitude. :)