The Food Hacking Base @30C3

Greetings to all from Food Hacking Base!

Food Hacking Base

This year we will for the first time open an experimental kitchen and workshop venue dedicated to food & beverage hacking at CCC congress, you are welcome to come and join!
We will function as a food & beverage hub, running a variety of events from cheese tastings, brewing, kimchi making or experimental incubator building, you name it! For more information please check our assembly wiki page.
Please keep in mind that this is about food hacking, so there might be food to eat, but we will not sell any food. But the ingredients and all the equipment to set up a kitchen-place have their costs, so if you want to participate and support the budget of this assembly, you can do so here, many thanks!
Hope to see you all at the 30c3!


PS: Don’t forget to bring some cheeses & related condiments and microbial cultures