Kids and Congress: Call for Participation!

You have children and attend 30C3?

This year we plan to have a big area of the Congress as a Kidspace, to give children of three years of age and up the chance to age-appropriately participate in the Congress. We have enough space in two big foyers to allow for a quiet space on one hand, and a more playful area on the other. The quiet one allows for relaxing with your children and to refuel with a power-nap. The playful area invites to play around, build caves, listen to radioplays on the Audiobox and have hands-on experience in child-appropriate electronics- or tinkerworkshops. And of course there is going to be Lego again ;) Children up to 12 get a special badge, allowing them to hack e. g. the Audiobox.

To make this happen, we need your help! While a lot is already ongoing, we still need volunteers. Perhaps you want to carry out a workshop? Or you are interested in appearing on the reading-stage? Maybe you can procure materials, or help with setup or teardown?

If you also think kids belong on the Congress and want to help making it happen, please register with the Kidspace Assembly and contact us.

As we plan for separate badges with special features for the children, it is helping a lot to know how many children and of which ages will be attending the Congress, to ensure they can participate in all activities. If you plan to bring your child(ren) to the Congress, please write an email to fightling at and let us know, how many children of which ages you are bringing with you to make sure they can get a badge to interact with the installations in the Kidspace.

Picture: maltman23