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Description Assembly to organize the kids space at the congress.
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Self-organized Sessions Building Klackerlaken for kids, Circuit stickers, Fabschool Kids (for youngsters from 8-12), Medienpädagogik am Beispiel Pixln
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Please report how many kids you will bring and how old they are.


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This year's kid space is much larger and we take place in two foyers. We are planning to have a quiet space where the kids can calm down at the one side and a space where kids can play and move at the other.

The focus shall be in giving the kids (<= 12 years) an access point to the congress instead of just parking them in one corner.



Please add yourself to the table if you are willing to help during buildup, orga and teardown

If you contribute hardware and stuff to the installation, please add that as well.

Nickname Fr 20 Sa 21 So 22 Mo 23 Di 24 Mi 25 Do 26 Fr 27 Sa 28 So 29 Mo 30 Di 31 remarks
fightling x x x x x x x x x x x x may not be free at all times
Mats x x x x
Jak0b x x x x x x x x x may not be free at all times
dom x x x x x x x x x may not be free at all times - baby watch :)
Biene x x x x x x x x x x x x may not be free at all times
Joshua x x x x x

Action Side

Handicraft Corner

Some papercraft for the Kids, some scissors and glue. We're also will have some littlebits to play with (see We ordered 10 IKEA tables for the smaller kids:

Papercraft for download

We will print out papercraft on demand at Heaven.

TODO Buy thick paper which fits into the printer in Heaven, get glue, paper and scissors

Radio Drama Project

At daytime kids can play audio books and hear them in the radio drama corner.


The Audiobox is a wooden box where the kids can plug an USB stick to play audio books. Quite simple so it can be used by the youngest children too.

Within the box is a linux/Mini ITX machine which automatically copies all audio from any inserted stick and plays it until someone else inserts a another one.

The box will change it's behavior in relation to the kids' badges from time to time. And it will be hackable for the kids.

Downloadable audio:

TODO Select some audio books for kids

Reader's corner

We also will have a very small stage with a sofa on it and a table. So if anyone has some nice stories to tell or books to read - here is the place!

Ball Bath for Kids

A second ball bath for the kids.

Will be build by the deco team!

TODO We need balls.

Retro Video Game(s)

The “fighting is magic" game machine will be near the playground.

TODO More interesting video games with a touch of style and reasonable for children.

Cave Building

Some stuff to build caves.

TODO get stuff! ;)

Silent Side

Pillow Cluster

A cluster of pillows where the kids can sleep.

We hope to get enough pillows and cushions from the RFA cushions project.

If not, we can buy pillows here: The local fire department will do some checks in before. Since we are in Germany, pillows need to be class B1 (Brandschutzklasse). None of the IKEA pillows meets this criteria.

Lego corner

Like every year we will have the duplo corner.

Relaxation Room for Adults

Some chill space for parents and exhausted visitors.

Coffee and tea is one stairs up from this place so parents can also stay in touch with their kids but get some relaxation or may be hear a talk in room 2 nearby. And a place to drop bags for a while.

TODO get Couches? Sun loungers? Mattresses?

Button Panel

Just a large wooden, painted panel full of different knobs and lights for the smallest kids to explore.

TODO We are searching any kind of unused buttons, knobs, joysticks, lights, interesting (old) panels.

To ensure safety we may have to fix smaller parts (with glue?!?) so they can't be eaten by small kids.


Interactive installation.

3 monitors with cameras conected to them. Two of the monitors have a pixelating grid attached, so that each monitor has a very different resolution (1200x700, 25x15, 11x6). (I've got three monitors now.)

If you walk by (or dance in front of) the camera, each display will render your image differently.

Pixln.png Pixln Setup.jpg

Silk Screen Printing

I (Yako42) am going to bring two silk screen printing machines to do some stencil printing. Children age 5+ can print their own t-shirts or other light colored clothes. Please do not forget to have some with you.

Other Action

Kid's Badge

Children up to 12 years can get a very special badge bracelet that can be used to interact with the installation in the kidspace.

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