Camp 2011 Needs Your Help

Preparations for this year’s Chaos Communication Camp have started.

If you don’t know about the Camp in general have a look at the 2007, 2003, and 1999 web sites. You should also watch these great videos in order to get a first impression: Camp 2007 and Camp 2003

Actually, we’ve been working on Chaos Communication Camp 2011 – Project Flow Control – for quite some time, but finally there is a web site now. Since we’re a bit late already, we really need your support.

First and foremost we need your help in distributing the Call for Participation and the Call for a Space Program of the Hacker Scene.

If you’d like to give a lecture or organize a workshop on topics dealing with space exploration, technology, ethics, science, security, art, philosophy, politics, culture or cooking make a submission to our submission system!

Moreover, we need help with designing web and print publications, t-shirts and many other things. You may notice that our current web site is not that beautiful. For that reason we’ve also published a Call for Design. If you’re a capable graphics designer or happen to know someone who is and might be crazy enough to spend days, only receiving fame and glory in return, please read it and contact us!