Welcome to Heaven!

A lot of helping hands make the congress what it is: an unforgettable experience. Our volunteers are called ‘Angels’, because that is what they are. Without the help of the Angels the congress wouldn’t be possible. They are managing the preparation, network, recordings, first aid, security, entrance, ticket desk, information centre and lots more.

Do not consume, participate!

We’re always looking for volunteers to help us manage everyday tasks at the congress. If you want to help making the 27C3 a huge success, contact us at 27c3-himmel@lists.ccc.de or visit the “Heaven” (“Himmel”) at the congress. In order to do shifts you need to have an account at the Angel-System (Engelsystem). Q: What do I have to do as an Angel? A: You can sign up for shifts using the Angel-System, or you can just ask the Shift Coordinator in Heaven.
Q: Do I have to help every day?
A: No! It would be better if you did enough shifts, but it is your choice when.
Q: I want to attend a specific talk. Can I do that?
A: Of course! It is your choice at what times and how long you’re helping out.
Q: Do I have any benefits as a volunteer?
A: Sure. First of all, the knowledge of having done your part in making the congress awesome! But also the experience of doing cool work with nice people and entry into Heaven. In Heaven, you get free coffee around the clock and free but oh so tasty sandwiches from time to time, just in case you did not find the time to eat between your shifts. Angels who work for a certain number of hours also get a special congress shirt as a little thank you.
Q: Do angels get cheaper tickets? A: No. Not unless they are under 18 or members of the CCC e. V.

If you have special professional qualifications such as paramedic, jet pilot, fireman or anything similar, and would like to help us with your professional insight (for example in the CERT team), send us a short message to 27c3-himmel@lists.ccc.de/a>.

Further Information

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