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[edit] Instructions

If you plan to have a workshop please send a mail to containing title of the workshop, a short description of the workshop, contact info, preferred date and a page in this wiki which should be prepared beforehand.

At c-base there are also some workshops.

[edit] Every Day


[edit] Workshop room A03

[edit] Day 1 - 2008-12-27 Sat

Time Name Title
11:00--14.00 MIGNON Game Kit Workshop
14:00--16:00 Milosch Beacon Royale
16:00--19:00 Servando Plug&play multiplatform sensor input in the computer.
19:00-20:00 Saerdnaer OpenStreetMap#Workshop
20:00--21:45 Rose Stitch & Bits
22:00--23:45 Gego Public Intelligence Workshop
0:00--??? chr freeJ

[edit] Day 2 - 2008-12-28 Sun

Time Name Title
11:00--13:00 Mac & Hacko NOC - Wireless LAN at the C3
13:00--15:00 Jan P. Monsch, Marius Ciepluch DAVIX Visualization Bootcamp
15:15--16:45 Peter Schmitz Social Engineering Workshop
17:00--17:45 Ray Handschellen-Picking - die Lockpicking-Praxissession im Anschluss an den Talk Handschellen hacken (16-17h, Saal3)
18:00--20:45 alx using Stateless ICMP/IP Translation (rfc2765) to connect v4 islands throught an ipv6 mesh. siit
21:00--21:45 chr CHDK - hacking digital Canon cameras
22:00--23:45 Peter Stuge coreboot Workshop
24:00--02:00 buck,pallas, tob Data Mining Workshop

[edit] Day 3 - 2008-12-29 Mon

Time Name Title
11:00--14:30 Manuel Odendahl (Wesen) Musik mit Mikrokontrollern (mit Hardwareboard zum Selbstkostenpreis)
14:30--16:30 Travis Goodspeed Repurposing the TI EZ430U
16:30--18:00 Craig Bastard ISPs from Hell
18:15--19:00 FoeBuD, Mittenzwei,
Dingldine, GPF (angefr.)
19:00--20:00 Juergen Pabel FDE Workshop
20:00--23:00 mwc Honeypot Workshop (10 people max)
23:00--00:30 Thomas & Timo DPA Workshop
00:30-- open end khorben hackable:1, Openmoko

[edit] Day 4 - 2008-12-30 Tue

Time Name Title
13:00--14:00 juice & starbug Regiotreff - Treffen der Chaostreffs und Erfakreise des CCC
14:00--15:00 kaazoo Building render farms with DrQueue / 3D rendering job management with open source software
16:00--18:00 quark FreifunkLayer8beyond / to grow and not become just another telco wireless flavour...

[edit] Meeting room C04

[edit] Day 1 - 2008-12-27 Sat

Time Title Description
14:00--16:00 Liquid Democracy XP 72 h Extreme Programming for a better world!
17:00--20:00 conference call (Limited signup, please see table for more details)
20:30--22:00 Propaganda - oder: Wie sag ichs ihnen? Flyer und Fahndungsplakate bauen

[edit] Day 2 - 2008-12-28 Sun

Time Title Description
13:30--15:00 eG solidarische Netzwerke für globale Gerechtigkeits- und Demokratiebewegungen +
Vorstellung der OS-Software von
15:00--15:30 Liquid Democracy XP 72h Extreme Programming for a better world!
16:00--20:00 OpenWrt Dev OpenWrt developers' meeting
20:30--23:00 AK Vorrat Meeting+Workshop of AK Vorrat

[edit] Day 3 - 2008-12-29 Mon

Time Title Description
12:00--13:00 RheinMainNeckarLahn-Treffen local groups (darmstadt, frankfurt, giessen-marburg, heidelberg, mainz, mannheim)
13:00--15:00 Interviews OpenSource/Linux If you want to contribute to a documentary film about open source, please come!
15:00--15:30 Liquid Democracy XP 72 h Extreme Programming for a better world!
15:45--16:45 PGP Keysigning Keysignparty on the 25C3
16:45--18:00 Propaganda - oder: Wie sag ichs ihnen? Workshop Propaganda - Flyer und Fahndungsplakate bauen, Fortsetzung. Neue Leute willkommen :)
18:00--OpenEnd GSM hackers workshop meeting see linked page

[edit] Day 4 - 2008-12-30 Tue

Time Title Description Organzier
12:45--13:45 RFID Reader Hacking Modifying, compiling, and flashing new firmware to a TI EVM. Buy a reader before the workshop, we give out debug cables for you to keep. Travis Goodspeed, Henryk Plötz, Karsten Nohl
15:00--15:30 Liquid Democracy XP 72 h Extreme Programming for a better world!

[edit] not yet scheduled

Title Description
Erfa Meeting Description (TODO)

[edit] extraterrestrial

Date+Time Location Title Description
Day2 Sunday 2008-12-28 10:00--?? Restaurant Bistro & Kaffehaus, Alexanderplatz, directly below the hotel Park Inn Swiss Gettogether Breakfast Initialisation and planning of chaotic projects in Switzerland.

For better nutritional value, this year in the restaurant Bistro & Kaffeehaus near the bcc

more information here here.

[edit]  !eof Hackcenter

Finish EOF-3!

Wann: 28.12.2008, ab 20:00
Wo: Hackcenter, !eof-Tisch
Was: EOF-3 (peer2peer chat programm) fertigstellen
Wie: Perl, C, ...
Was genau: telmich macht eine 1h Einführung

Documentation: Ask in !eof, get login to

[edit] See also

* !eof
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