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!eof is an european community of hackers and other people involved in IT and it's applications. We are currently mostly germans, with a bunch of people from the netherlands and switzerland. We have quite a few projects ongoing, but mostly we like to be a forum for people to meet and to exchange ideas, or just talk.

  • homepage: !eof
  • we need about 25 seats (including angels; 16 for the projects only)
  • primary contact: or or downhill@IRCNet/


[edit] Projects to be shown at 25C3

[edit] The !eof-group

  • Show !eof: What is !eof about? (2)
    • Who are we?
    • Where are we?
    • What we're doing.
    • How we are related to CCC, CCCZH, C3*
  • New website soon coming up at
    • Seats needed: 2

[edit] EOF: a peer-to-peer fully encrypted onion chat system

  • Idea: Create a chat network, which uses
    • onion routing
    • fully encryption
    • no central server
      • peer2peer technology
  • Implementation:
    • Much code already done
    • no complete software
  • Many Ideas and stuff online, though mostly internally
  • Seats needed: 3

[edit] Creating an Undernet: Together with other chaotic groups

  • Joining chaotic groups
  • Creating VPNs
  • Adding dynamic routing
  • Providing internal services
  • Seats needed: 3

[edit] Politics: Working against video surveillance

  • In Switzerland we are working against video surveillance
  • Coordinating with CCCZH
  • Seats needed: 2

[edit] Managing distributed communities

  • How to build up services
  • How to organise meetings
  • Why is everybody still friendly and happy
  • Seats needed: 3

[edit] Using the distributed version control system git

  • What is it?
  • Where can I use it for?
  • How can I use it?
  • Is it secure?
  • Seats needed: 3

[edit] Seats needed in total

  • 16 for projects + 10 for !eof-angels

[edit] Contact for the projects

  • telmich -- at --

[edit] Volunteering at the 25C3

  • organisation of the Angel room
  • many of us are either angels or devils
  • (maybe) presenting vpn project
  • (maybe) presenting p2p-crypto-onion chat program
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