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The NOC wireless lan crew wants to present, dicusss and do some programming together with you. First we want to show what we did in the last years. How we approached the Wireless LAN setup and what needs to be done for the future. The workshop will be focused on a technical discussion based on your input. Therefore please contact us for topic requests.


[edit] Who?

You?, OLSR Guys, Wireless Community, NOC - Mac & Hacko

[edit] What?

  • Presentation about the past Wireless LAN deployments at the C3
  • Discussion about the future implementation of Wireless LAN technologies at the C3
  • Practical Programmming - Station View

[edit] Where&When?

Workshop Room Day 2 A03 at 11.00 until 13.00 o'Clock.

[edit] Todo

  • Get involved in the setup. Help building up the wireless. If you are an Angel please contact deborah
  • Propose own topics to
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