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Swiss Gettogether

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Meeting, Day 2 (2008-12-28), starting at 10:00, somewhere near the bcc.

Chaots and some folks from related organizations from Switzerland use the Congress as their second yearly possibility (besides Cosin) to get together and plan some activities. Everyone is welcome to join. We are likely to talk in German, but can switch to English on request (especially if non-german-speaking folks from Switzerland would like to join).

The idea is to talk about possible projects for the coming year, and about how to realize them (we explicitly prefer to talk about *specific* projects, since generic ideas often don't generate much action). If you already have an idea, a project or an event you'd like to talk about, feel free to add it to this list:

  • Cosin 2009 (10.-12. July 2009)
  • "Ferienpass" resurrected?
  • IT survey of politicians resurrected?

We'd like to try this combined with breakfast this year.

Place: Restaurant Bistro & Kaffeehaus, Alexanderplatz (directly in front of the hotel Park Inn; at the right of the Galeria supermarket if you are coming from the bcc). If you like, you can meet us at the infodesk in in the bcc at 09:55, and we'll be at the restaurant at 10:00.

Note: The offered breakfasts are a bit pricey, so if you want more than a coffee but are short on money, you may want to bring your own food :)

[edit] A short info, for those that didn't make it:

The Swiss-gettogether at the 25C3 had a peak of 26 participants, with three of them from the French part of Switzerland (which is why I write in English).

While that's a nice number of participants, the physical structure of the restaurant made it difficult to start a common discussion. Instead, the distributed approach was more practical, i.e. I only partially know what we discussed.

The main thing discussed was the voting on biometric passports, which is going to be on May 17th 2009. We'd like to boost the discussion and it's quality, for one by providing some (sound and verifiable) technical information. If you'd like to help, a first meeting will be on 11.1.2009, 14.00. We will meet at the "Meeting Point" of Zurich main station.

If there are other discussed things of general interest (especially any kinds of projects that were started), please write to the list.

[edit] Contact:

We invite you to join the swiss-chaos mailing list.

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