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[edit] Description of the Project

Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people can meet and work on their projects.

The area is for everyone who started or wants to start their own hackerspace! Participants from hackerspaces around the world will be sharing this space to help run contests, do workshops with those interested in starting a hackerspaces, conduct interviews with existing hackerspace members and help prepare documentation for inclusion on the wiki.

[edit] What we plan to do at 25C3

[edit] Contests

Every day at 3:00 PM (15:00), we'll be running a contest! These are a preview of the Battle of the Hackerspaces taking place throughout 2009.

Day 1: Speed Soldering!

Put your soldering skills to the test! Under the watchful eyes of Mitch Altman and his MicrocontrollerWorkshop, contestants will duke it out to see who can complete a specially selected super-sekrit kit the fastest! No matter who makes the kit bleep, blink or unleash general awesomeness first, everyone who participates gets to take a cool kit home!

Day 2: Speed Coding

Contestants will try their hand at speed coding a solution to one of the (easier) Euler Coding Collective problems. Prizes awarded for first complete solution, fastest execution time and "most elegant" code.

Day 3: DDR!

We'll have two DDR machines and have a single head-to-head elimination competition to the tunes of Venetian Snares. Two people dance, only one person survives!

Day 4: Winners Announced

We'll announce winners right after the final panel. Before teardown & cleanup, we'll have a quick conversation about future Hackerspace Battles going into 2009!

[edit] Workshops

Build your Hackerspace!

Speakers from the Hackerspace Panel and other Hackerspace members will meet, inspire and advise with those actively building hackerspaces throughout the world. Come put your hackerspace on our big wall map!

The Euler Coding Collective Meetings

Angelol and Astera will host two TECC meetings to get people infected with the awesomeness of Project Euler.

[edit] Interviews

We'll be interviewing Hackerspace members about the explosive growth of the movement in 2008. Come share your memories Storycorps style and help out those creating documentaries and presentations about Hackerspaces!

[edit] Documentation

Help build the Hackerspace movement! Contribute your documentation, write about your hackerspace experiences and recruit your organizational gurus to share their knowledge on our wiki. Add to our growing list of hackerspaces or update existing entries. HacDC will also be collecting vector art from any hackerspace that wants a free banner!


[edit] Our Requirements

Image:2860346249_cd8dfa433b_m.jpgImage:2680805185_501036772a_m.jpg Image:2720139106_9ef7b4d173_m.jpgImage:2720258328_15884dfb6c_m.jpg

We are requesting a location near the Microcontroller Workshop, however, we realize our needs may preclude this as the most realistic option.

  • 6 Tables
  • 16 chairs
  • A white wall we can project against (or hang a Projection Screen from)
  • Space to hang a large world map of hackerspaces (approximately 14 square meters)
  • Enough space to set up a very small isolation booth to conduct interviews
  • Enough floor space to reasonably run the DDR contests described above. (We will move the tables out of the way)

[edit] Who We Are

( folk: Please add yourself!)

  • Astera - Fairy Godmother of
  • Nick Farr - Johnny Appleseed of Hackerspaces
  • Angelol - Awesomeness from the Metalab!
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