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Stop by the Hardware Hacking Area and make something cool!

Even if you've never even sewn a button, you can learn to make cool things with microcontrollers. Plenty of parts and kits are available, including Brain Machines, TV-B-Gones, Trippy RGB Waves, Mignonette Games, and other fun projects you can take home with you.

Happy hardware hackers at 24C3
Happy hardware hackers at 24C3

MitchAltman (of Noisebridge and TV-B-Gone), Kipp Bradford (of DC401), Jimmie Rodgers (of
Willoughby & Baltic), Zach 'Hoeken' Smith (of NYC Resistor), and others will be there to show you everything you need to know.

Our Hardware Hacking Area is on street level, under the stairs, near Saal 3, in front of FoeBud's counter.

  • Dates: Every day!
  • Times: Any time of day or night where people are awake to run the Hardware Hacking Area!

Cornfield Electronics (Click on the Maker Faire button.)

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