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Public Intelligence Workshop

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...information is out there. let's pool our sources and have fun.

Gernot Hausar [ gernot_hausar (at) ]

[ for the more scientific minded ]

Intelligence is a term used for information in the intelligence community. recent studies have shown that two thirds of the information obtained by intelligence agencies is freely available over the net. This now empowers every citizen to collect and evaluate his own information for his or her private intelligence service.

Public Intelligence in this context means the use of (electronic) open source information by the critical citizen to acquire knowledge and - in a political context - to control the state (Gernot Hausar).

The nearly instantaneous transfer of electronic information and the free availability allows the interested citizen to evaluate information as fast as professional institutions (govt, business).

This workshop presents some ideas on how to evaluate and use information. Practical strategies are developed with participants to avoid permanent information overflow while still collecting and disseminating relevant information for decision making processes. The more participation, the better the result. Bring your ideas and sources.

[ ressources ]

I will use a wiki to take notes. Links, documents etc will be available there and via the CCC wiki.

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