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Repurposing the TI EZ430U

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[edit] Repurposing the TI EZ430U

[edit] Contact

<travis at>

[edit] Date

Day 3 - 16:00--18:00 (Berlin time) - Mon - 2008-12-29

[edit] About the Workshop

At only twenty dollars, the Texas Instruments EZ430U is a bargain of an in-circuit debugger for the MSP430 microcontroller. The board itself is composed of little more than an MSP430 and a USB to Serial controller. The board's JTAG fuse is unblown, and full schematics are included in public documentation.

This workshop will walk students through solving first-hand through solving the more interesting challenges that preceded "Hello World". Individual topics will include reverse engineering the device's original firmware for proper I/O pin settings, crafting firmware for 8051-based coprocessor, and writing a first "Hello World" without the help of support libraries.

Each student is expected to be that odd sort of person who enjoys a deep look at disassembled machine code or a microchip datasheet. As-yet-unsolved problems will be given for homework. Please also attend the lecture on this topic, Day 3 (2008-12-29), 12h45 (pm) in Saal 3.

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