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[edit] The CHDK Project

wichtig wichtig: chdk workshop day2 21:00 Raum A03

update: Der Floorplan stimmt nicht. Wir sitzen ca. zwischen NOC und !eof

[edit] What The Hell Is This?

CHDK is a firmware enhancement that operates on a number of Canon Cameras. CHDK gets loaded into your camera's memory upon bootup (either manually or automatically). It provides additional functionality beyond that currently provided by the native camera firmware. CHDK is not a permanent firmware upgrade: you decide how it is loaded (manually or automatically) and you can always easily remove it.

Here's the official page

[edit] Cool, and what does it offer?

  • Motion Detection + Triggering (Photographing Lightnings is no problem)
  • Exposure times as little as 1/60,000th of a second and no special flash equipment required
  • Exposure times as long as 65 seconds
  • Save images in RAW format
  • Live histogram (RGB, blended, luminance and for each RGB channel)
  • Zebra mode (blinking highlights and shadows to show over/under exposed areas)
  • Ability to use the USB port for a remote trigger input
  • Ability to run "Scripts" to automate the camera
  • A higher compression movie mode, and double the maximum video file size
  • An "always on" full range Battery indicator
  • Ability to turn off automatic dark-frame subtraction
  • And _much_ more

[edit] Is My Cam Supported?

  • Powershot A420 - A720IS
  • Ixus 40 - 950
  • S2 - S5
  • G7, G9
  • SX200
  • TX1

[edit] Workshops During Congress

  • Installation Party for YOUR Powershot!
  • Requesting Features directly to the Developers!
  • Picture Documentation of the Congress!

[edit] Where to meet us?

We reserved 8 seats at the Hacklab, more informations to come.

[edit] Who Will Be There?

  • unsinn
  • chr
  • PhyrePhoX

[edit] Contact & Requirements

  • Contact:
  • Requirements: Table(s) and 7-8 seats, Network
  • Would be nice: Special Approval for making pictures in a small area of the HC for testing firmware enhancements
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