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Building render farms with DrQueue

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[edit] Content

This is a workshop about setting up a render farm (for computing 3D scenes) with the open source software DrQueue.

Topics of the workshop will be:

- What is a render farm?
- What is DrQueue?
- Which renderers can be used by DrQueue?
- Which hardware and software components are needed?
- How is DrQueue built and installed?
- Which interfaces and frontends exist?
- What kind of workflows exist for 3D artists?


More information:

[edit] When and where

The workshop will take place on 2008-12-30, 14:00-15:00. Location: Workshop room A03.
The language will be English or German depending on the attendies.

[edit] Requirements

Attendees should bring their own laptop with a recent version of Linux or Mac OSX (other OSes like Windows and FreeBSD are also OK but may require more work).
One can also use virtualization software like VirtualBox or QEMU.
I provide a VirtualBox image with Ubuntu 8.10 server (with all dependencies installed) for easy testing. It can be downloaded at [1] and should be also available on some FTP servers here.

md5sum: eb9b546075e05b7acc1067824cff82da
sha1sum: f6e610ddde24c0f26f06daa54dd7a1c16b1dffc3

Everybody in the workshop should have enough experience to checkout SVN sources, compile and install software on UNIX-like systems.
Knowledge of Python and/or Ruby would be needed for trying out the DrQueue Python und Ruby bindings. Deployment of Ruby On Rails applications would be needed for trying out the Rails web frontend of DrQueue.

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