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/Hardware Hacking Workshops Day2 +Hardware Hacking Workshops  +
/Hardware Hacking Workshops Day3 +Hardware Hacking Workshops  +
/Hardware Hacking Workshops Day4 +Hardware Hacking Workshops  +
/Hardware Hacking Workshops Day5 +Hardware Hacking Workshops  +


A masterplan for private social networking +A masterplan for private social networking  +
Ableton Live Workshop +Ableton Live Workshop  +
Address the Certification Mess +Address the Certification Mess  +
ArduinoForTotalNewbies Day2 +Arduino For Total Newbies  +
ArduinoForTotalNewbies Day3 +Arduino For Total Newbies  +
ArduinoForTotalNewbies Day4 +Arduino For Total Newbies  +


Beer Brewing Workshop +Beer Brewing Workshop  +
Blackout Resilient Technologies +Blackout Resilient Technologies  +


Chaos macht Schule +"Chaostreff Essen"-Zelt  +
ChaosVPN +ChaosVPN  +
Coq Workshop +Coq Workshop  +
Crashcourse Oscilloscope and Logic Analyser +Crashcourse Oscilloscope and Logic Analyser  +
Crowdfunding Workshop +Crowdfunding Workshop  +
CubeSat Workshop +Building a Cube-Satellite  +
CyberpeaceAndDatalove +After talk 'Cyberpeace and Datalove', let's prolong conversation  +


DIY nonprofit ISP +DIY nonprofit ISP  +


EBrainPool +eBrainPool  +
Edit & Mash-Up Workshop +Edit & Mash-Up Workshop 1/2  +
Edit & Mash-Up Workshop 2 +Edit & Mash-Up Workshop 2/2  +
Electronic Frontier Foundation gathering +Electronic Frontier Foundation gathering  +
Embedded OS principles +Mojave Hangar  +
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