Embedded OS principles

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Mojave Hangar
Presentation and discussion of simple OS principles, that can be used in embedded control with limited resources. Multitasking, Semaphores, Time services, Interrupts, Watchdog, Reliability
Organizer Klaus Schleisiek
Contact twiddlebit at ccc.de
DateTime Day 3 / Aug 12 @ 15:00
Duration 3:00
End 2011-08-12 18:00
Location Mojave

I am programming embedded systems with small micros for the past 30 years. During this time, I have tried many different approaches, ending up with a "building set" of proven principles.

Being a Forth programmer, my code examples will be in Forth, but they are easily ported to other languages, because the principles are simple and therefore, the code is concise.

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