Blackout Resilient Technologies

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Blackout Resilient Technologies
for Blackout Resilient Technologies such as infrastructure mesh networks for use when the 'normal' networking infrastructure is down or swiched off, such as after natural disasters or when regimes activate a 'kill switch' to shut off the internet or cellular network in an attempt to thwart the mobilization of opponents or activists. Think mesh networks, bridging communications technologies and 'internet in a briefcase' type stuff. The village will also have projects in areas such as censorship circumvention, anonymity, hacktivism, secure communications, network monitoring and early warning systems.

It also features Open Source Solar technology in case somebody or something de-energizes you or you are living in some area without an electricity grid or you want to power something that's too far away from the grid (think wireless router in your tree house).

Organizer Blackout Resilient Technologies
DateTime Day 3 / Aug 12 @ 10:00
Duration 1
End 2011-08-12 10:00
Location Mojave
The Earth
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