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Edit & Mash-Up Workshop 1/2
Wanna learn to do a disco edit or mash-up of your favorite songs?
Contact idle
DateTime Day 3 / Aug 12 @ 17:00
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Location DomeTent

I'm coming to deejay.. and to do some live disco music jamming.. but lately the idea came up that there may be musicians and deejays at the event interested in the ways of how to do an edit or how to piece tracks together to form a mash-up.

You may or may not know, I do tons of edits, just check my stuff on http://www.billyidle.de. You may also have bumped into a mash-up of mine: http://soundcloud.com/billyidle/rockin-under-pressure

You want your favorite 70's, 80's tunes reworked in such a way? You want to learn to do it yourself? Or you just want Dr. Alban singing on top of Metallica? We can see what we can do.

You should however prepare some suitable material.. we need instrumental and/or extended versions of the tracks, we want them in CD/FLAC quality or at least >200 bps.. and if somebody else's vocals are supposed to fit on top, we need those as a separate a-capella.. a track that contains vocals only.

buzz said I should rework Orbital's Halcyon.. being a major 42/23 type of track. well, I got myself the original vocals.. it's a start!

Depending if there are new people or not part two of the Workshop will either be a repetition or just more hands-on practice.

See also Edit & Mash-Up Workshop 2.

The DomeTent is situated behind the Retro gaming and next to the eth0.

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