Address the Certification Mess

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Address the Certification Mess
Meet the developers of Certificate Patrol and discuss how to reduce the pains induced by X.509
Organizer User:lynX
Contact psyc://
DateTime Day 5 / Aug 14 @ 13:00
Duration 1 hour
End 2011-08-14 14:00
Location Mojave

Hi.. the developers of, the Firefox add-on that makes certificate updates a bit more transparent, are at the camp, too. Our friends from Telecomix suggested we should make a distributed/social version of Certificate Patrol that takes into account which certificates other people have seen, without exposing your browsing habits to any central server.

Also we are working on a version integrated into our operating system so that any SSL/TLS-encrypted connection of any web browser, email or chat software can be patrolled, not just the ones Mozilla makes.

We're also interested in general talk on improving the certification situation.

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