Einladung zum Junghackertag auf dem 34C3


Zu unserer Freude haben sich in den letzten Jahren immer mehr Junghacker auf dem Congress eingefunden. Daher bieten wir auch diesmal, wie schon in den Vorjahren, einen speziell auf Kinder und Jugendliche zugeschnittenen Junghackertag an. Am zweiten Congresstag, dem 28. Dezember, organisieren Freiwillige aus vielen Assemblies von etwa 10 bis 17 Uhr ein vielseitiges Workshop-Programm für angehende Hacker und Hackerinnen.


CC BY-SA 2.0 via flickr/cchana

Wer …

MRMCD 2017: Schedule and end of presale


Finally, we can present you a preliminary schedule for this year’s MRMCD! We are happy to see the wide range and diversity of the topics covered in the submitted talks and workshops. You can find the schedule here: https://cfp.mrmcd.net/2017/schedule/.

Please be patient with us: Our schedule still is a young plant that needs to grow. Not all speakers have already confirmed their appearance yet and some talks will still shift their exact times.

If you did not do so already, you can buy one of the very last tickets in our ticket shop. We assume that the presale will be sold out very soon. There …

„Das ist Netzpolitik!“-Konferenz am 7. Oktober in Berlin


Fight for your digital rights!

Am 7. Oktober 2016 findet zum dritten Mal in Berlin die „Das ist Netzpolitik!“-Konferenz von netzpolitik.org statt. Im Maschinenhaus der Kulturbrauerei geben 32 Sprecherinnen und Sprecher ein Update über die aktuell wichtigsten netzpolitischen Debatten in Deutschland, Europa und der Welt. Abends gibt es an einem anderen Ort die Party zum zwölften Geburtstag von netzpolitik.org mit Kommentarlesung, einem Netzpolitik-Quiz …

Ticket system re-opens Friday, 2015-07-31, 22:00 CEST

  • Unpaid tickets ordered before July 16th are dropped now. Do not pay for those anymore!
  • There will be 250 tickets made available on Friday, 2015-07-31, at 22:00 CEST sharp!
  • Please pay for your precious ticket immediately after you have ordered it! Ask friends to help you out!
  • Once those 250 tickets are gone, you can create a verpeiler-friends-request.
  • We all need to move closer together to have enough space for everyone.

Verpeiler-friends-request? If you don’t get your ticket on Friday, you have one very last, very tiny chance: Go to the ticket system and convince us that you are one of our …

Camp 2015 Ticket Shop is open now!



We all are very much looking forward to Camp 2015 – the new location makes things very exciting but such a new location also makes it very costly: We’ll need to get at least 950.000 EUR from ticket sales, which brings us down to an average ticket price of ~212 EUR.

When we moved the Congress to the new venue in 2012 we have been facing the same issue, remember?
Back then, we didn’t want to raise the price above 100 EUR and right now we don’t want to go above 200 EUR: We leave this, again, up to everyone of you to contribute as much as you can afford to – to make …

Ticket-Vorverkauf für den 29. Chaos Communication Congress


Der Vorverkauf der Eintrittskarten für den 29. Chaos Communication Congress 29C3, der dieses Jahr in Hamburg stattfindet, beginnt heute.

Tickets gibt es unter https://presale.events.ccc.de/

Der diesjährige Congress steht unter dem Motto “Not my department” und wird sich mit den Konsequenzen nicht nur des eigenen Forschungsdrangs auseinandersetzen – von Überwachungssystemen, Drohnen- und Schwarmintelligenzsteuerung bis zu Biohacking. [1]1 Gleichzeitig geht es um das Streben der Hackerszene danach, Technologien und gesellschaftliche Abläufe zu erforschen und neu zusammenzusetzen, die auf den …

Letzte Phase des mrmcd-Vorverkaufs


Der Vorverkauf für die mrmcd (die vom 7. bis 9. September 2012 in Darmstadt stattfinden) geht in die letzte Runde!

Noch knapp zehn Tage, bis zum 20. August 2012, gibt es für nur 15 Euro neben dem Ticket auch eine schicke Tasse und Zugriff auf das Frühstück. Das Ticket ist auch für das Konzert von Pornophonique am Samstagabend gültig.

Details gibt es auf der Ticketseite im Wiki, die Tickets selbst gibt es über das Vorverkaufssystem.

Außerdem ist das die Gelegenheit für Euch, noch einen Talk oder Workshop im Frab einzureichen.

28C3 – Can’t Afford to Pay the Full Price?


Since we forgot to mention it in the first place: Yes, we do have a 28c3-friends request address for people who can’t afford to pay the full ticket price. We’ve added information to http://events.ccc.de/congress/2011/wiki/Tickets:

If you or someone you know can’t afford to pay the full price for a ticket, send a mail to 28c3-friends@cccv.de. Please tell us, why this person can’t pay the full price and why he or she should take part in 28C3 nevertheless. Usually we agree on some affordable price. But please keep in mind that tickets are already very cheap and that we can handle only a limited …

28C3 Tickets


In few words.


  • Sunday, November 06, 10:00PM CET (UTC+1) (½ of all tickets)
  • Monday, November 14, 16:00PM CET (UTC+1) (¼ of all tickets)
  • Tuesday, November 29, 10:00AM CET (UTC+1) (¼ of all tickets)


Standard EUR 80,–
Members CCC e.V. EUR 50,–
Up-and-Coming Hackers EUR 25,– (born after 1993-12-26)
Supporters EUR 140,-
Business EUR 280,- (excl. VAT)



Camp Tickets Downloadable Now


Finally we’re done with generating all ticket PDFs! :)

If you’ve ordered a Camp ticket in the online sales system and also payed it, you can download your ticket from https://presale.events.ccc.de now.

For those of you, who registered an email address we’ll additionally send the PDFs by mail.

Please print out your tickets and bring them to the Camp! You need them in order to get your wrist bands.

Ticket Shop Closes Soon


The online shop for Camp tickets will close at 2011/07/20, two days from now.

If you didn’t buy a ticket yet, you should better go to our online shop now and buy one.

Since we don’t know, how many tickets we’ll still have left after online sales, we can’t promise there will be ticket sales at the door. Probably there will be, but if you want to be sure, better buy your tickets now!

Camp 2011: Ticket Shop Opened


We’re selling tickets for the Camp now. For more information, please read the Tickets page in our wiki.

Although the advance sale will be available until July 20th 2011, please order your tickets early. That helps us, because it tells us something about the number of participants and thus enables us to scale infrastructure to your needs.

Different payment options for 27C3 tickets


As announced, there are many different possibilities to pay for your congress-tickets this year.

You cannot only pay by bank transfer, from today you can also choose to:

  • pay in cash at your local Erfa
    Please remember, that not all Erfas offer this service – and that the guy who takes your payments isn’t available all the time. Please find a worldwide list of all cashdesks at /wiki/Cashdesks.
  • pay with your creditcard
    With an additional charge of 5% you can also use your creditcard. Please log into the presale-system in order to find your unique payment-link.

Performance test successfully survived!


As expected, the pre-sale-system has survived the performance check immediately to the release time.

The rush for the Pre-sale is still enormously. The tickets from the first Quota will be sold out in no time.

But: No Panic.

As announced, there will be a second, much larger, quota at the beginning of November. So anyone who had no luck this time get a new chance at the second quota.

The created accounts are also valid in the second quota.

The quota for our volunteers (Angels) from last year, dubbed ‘the golden token’, will be independent of the other “normal” quota.

For all risks and side …

How to survive the pre-sale


In order to avoid any confusion, here is the short and sweet version of everything there is to know about the 27C3 ticket presale.

  • The System will be available by today (10.10.10) at exactly 10:10am Berlin Time (08:10 UTC) via https://presale.events.ccc.de/ – if this doesn’t work, try instead.
  • The first batch of 800 Tickets will be accessible by then. The second (and biggest) batch will start after we released the first version of the schedule (the Fahrplan) in the beginning of November. More batches will be announced after those. Everyone who did not get one of the …

Heads up, Pre-Sale Begins


You’ve probably waited most of two weeks for this: The pre-sale for the 27th Chaos Communication Congress tickets will start this weekend. To be precise: We will open our server ports tomorrow morning, Sunday (October 10th), at 10:10 Berlin time (08:10 UTC).

Category Price
Standard EUR 70
Nachwuchs (below the age of 18) EUR 25
Members of the CCC e. V. EUR 45

For more details, e. g. business tickets, see our wiki and the FAQ.

This will be the first batch of three, offering 800 tickets. The second and largest batch will be available two days after we’ve published the …