22C3: Private Investigations (2005)

Speakers: Blackwing & Swaio


Sebastian WernerSebastian “blackwing” Werner, is a twenty-four-year old student of chemical engineering at Erlangen University. With over 10 years of Linux and OpenSource experience, his focus moved to Inter-Networking, NetworksSecurity and especially BGP during the years. Together with other volunteers he takes care of the servers of the Erlangen Chaos Computer Club, the ftp server of his university, and helps administering the network infrastructure in his dormitory.

Stefan Wahl Stefan Wahl, a forty-year old CEO of his own company since 2001 (Netsign GmbH) is working as a consultant and trouble shooter for enterprise …

Fun with CCTV in Austria


The guys of q/uintessenz will give information about the Austrian CCTV-Hack (see German spiegel.de) on day 4 at 15:00 in English at their booth. (On the C-Level (1st floor) between congress-radio and funk-amateurs)

For reasons of hygiene …


… the congress center is now monitored by cams – no official, but very personal ones! You don’t believe? Take a look at the men’s room at level A.

For those of you, who have the wrong gender, like me ;), here’s a shot:
Level A

Special Thanks to Mike ;)

Give us your slides


For the Congress Documentation we need the slides that speakers presented during their talks. If you haven’t already handed in your slides at the speakers’ room (B03), please do so! If the slides are available on the internet, it is sufficient to tell us the URL where they are downloadable. It is very important for us to get your slides before the end of the congress, since we want to start documenting this event as soon as possible.

Austrian Chaos looking for people from Graz


At the Regiotreff there have been two geeks who want to establish a ChaosTreff in Graz – may you drop by at the cngw and have a chat with us; we are interested in getting in touch – may we can help you a little bit and provide some infrastructure.

CongressRadio Podcast #6 veröffentlicht


Dear English-speaking readers of this blog: The remainder of this post is in German. Sorry for that, but this Podcast is in German too. There will be English Podcast from the CongressRadio soon. If you want to join the CongressRadio-team, contact them here, call them at DECT “1234” or just ask one of the folks running around with microphones in their hands :-)

Das CongressRadio befragt im Podcast Nr. 6 den SPD-Bundestagsabgeordneten Jörg Tauss über das Informationsfreiheitsgesetz des Bundes, welches am 1. Januar 2006 in Kraft treten wird.



The Villa was a groundbreaking real-time multi-user dungeon delivered via the telephone creating an audible virtual environment where people could “move” around and interact just by typing on the phone’s keypad (DTMF). The system was running from 1994 to 2001 when the project ended.

The code has been rewritten by one of the original authors and a new system called Alphaville has been created that is now attached to the 22C3’s phone network. Just dial 98 to get in. This time, the virtual space is modelled after the 22C3 building. Check out the description on the wiki for additional …

Capture the flag at room 4


Capture The Flag is a hacker contest running right now. Eight teams of hackers battle against each other in a fight of supremacy in a network full of vulnerable services. The teams’ task is to defend a server while simultaneously attacking the other teams’ servers. You can watch the contest at room 4 in the basement.