Speakers: Blackwing & Swaio

Sebastian WernerSebastian “blackwing” Werner, is a twenty-four-year old student of chemical engineering at Erlangen University. With over 10 years of Linux and OpenSource experience, his focus moved to Inter-Networking, NetworksSecurity and especially BGP during the years. Together with other volunteers he takes care of the servers of the Erlangen Chaos Computer Club, the ftp server of his university, and helps administering the network infrastructure in his dormitory.

Stefan Wahl Stefan Wahl, a forty-year old CEO of his own company since 2001 (Netsign GmbH) is working as a consultant and trouble shooter for enterprise and ISP customers, running Internet Exchanges and Collocation in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Leipzig. He studied electrical engineering, specialising in micro-electronics, software engineering, communications, and real-time systems. His current working areas are UMTS and WLAN on small devices. He has supported the CCC IP uplink since 1998, participated in fund raising, and has been responsible for the IP uplink and routers.

On behalf of the Network Operating Committee, whose activists are still working hard behind the scene, these two speakers will explain how the network of the 22c3 worked. So all of you who wonder why the Congress network (even WLAN!) worked almost all the time can find out who made that possible and how it was done, although it is far from easy to tame the savage network jungle that surrounds us. You will see that the 22c3 network became an international project and, probably, some well-hidden secrets will be revealed…