22. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

22. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

Common Code <> Different Roots

Entropia e.V. invites you to the 22nd Gulaschprogrammiernacht with the motto “Common Code <> Different Roots”!

Save the date: 30 May – 2 June 2024 in Karlsruhe (HfG and ZKM, Lorenzstr. 15, 76135 Karlsruhe)

TL:DR: The GPN is a community event where you can get together to, for example, hack, eat goulash or attend lectures. The event is open and community-financed, but please register anyway. The GPN works because you contribute to it as a participant. Be it by helping with various tasks (“trolling”) (available soon) or by submitting presentations/workshops/meet-ups (click here for the CfP). To finance the GPN, we recommend a donation of €42.

About the GPN

The Gulaschprogrammiernacht (GPN for short) has almost everything a hacker’s heart desires: lectures, workshops, a demo show, colorful lights, art, music, a large hack center, Karlsruhe’s annual supply of mate and tschunk, an epic lounge, a wonderful lawn and of course: goulash!

For four days, we’ll be hacking, presenting, tinkering and discussing. Everyone is welcome: whether you’ve always been part of the chaos or have no idea what to expect – just come along!

Our motto this year is “Common Code <> Different Roots”. There is a lot of “common code” that we use every day in our digital and analog lives. Where are the roots of these codes? How do they work together? How does a tree grow from it? What about the community behind the code? What does the future of our tree look like?

GPN22 Artwork

Is it your first time at GPN? Here you can watch lectures, take part in workshops, bring your own project, hack, help out, dance to music and visuals in the lounge, get coffee, mate or tschunk at the bar, eat goulash and other treats, get to know new and reunite with creatures, collect stickers and much more. At gulas.ch you will find information on how the event works with links to further wiki pages on various topics. If you register, you will receive up-to-date information by e-mail before and at the event. We are always happy to welcome new people and try to create an open atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.


The Gulaschprogrammiernacht is an open event for everyone. However, prior registration is desired so that the organizers can better prepare for the number of visitors and buy enough ingredients for the famous goulash. During registration, you will also have the opportunity to reserve merchandise until 12 April 2024 – this is the only way to ensure that sufficient quantities of all sizes are available. Furthermore, a donation is requested from visitors who are able to do so.The recommended donation this year is €42. If you have the possibility to donate more, you invite someone else to GPN. Thank you for making the event possible with your donation!

Lectures and workshops

We want to offer an interesting program of workshops and lectures at the GPN – we need you and your topics! We are looking forward to lectures on a wide range of topics and a broad workshop program for all participants.

You can submit your suggestions in Pretalx by 11 May 2024. If you know people you would like to see as speakers at the GPN, please get active and let them know about this call!

Are you making art or a performance with “Common Code”? Bring it to the GPN on the stages of ZKM & HfG Karlsruhe!

Share your ideas, projects, research, art or other interesting topics in a talk or workshop during the GPN.

We especially want to encourage people who are new to the stage to participate. Not sure if your topic fits the GPN? Just give it a try or contact us! The talks are usually recorded and posted online at media.ccc.de, opting out is possible at any time.

Art and creativity

You can create art and beauty with a computer. *Hackerethics

The GPN is hosted at the ZKM (Center for Art and Media) and the HfG (Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design) – a perfect place to combine art and hacking!

Would you like to get creative at the GPN and embellish the event or exhibit your art project? Just bring smaller projects with you! Anything that does not fit on a small table, needs to be hung up or has special requirements (electricity, internet, etc.)? We will be happy to work with you to make it possible! Contact us at art@gulas.ch!


The GPN, like all other Chaos events, only works thanks to the energetic commitment of many helpers who keep everything running, from the info desk to the kitchen to the livestreams. If you want to troll us, that is what we call helping around here, you can register now in the troll system. The troll cave is also the place to go for those of you who are looking for the heaven. The most active trolls will of course receive a GPN22-themed goodie! No special previous knowledge is required, but if necessary, you will be able to attend a “Troll Introduction”. We are still working on getting the Trollsystem up and running, you will be able to register shortly.


  • “How much does a ticket cost?” – There are no tickets and admission is free. The GPN is funded by donations, the prices for drinks and food are kept as low as possible. In order to make the event possible this year and next, we rely on your donations.
  • “Why should I register?” – So that we know how many chairs, tables, goulash and tschunk ingredients need to be ordered. Merchandise must be reserved when registering.
  • “What are trolls?” – That’s what we call our helpers, comparable to the angels at other chaos events. Come by and troll us!
  • “I have other questions!” – Then take a look at our detailed FAQ first and if you can’t find an answer there, write us an email.
  • “How do I stay informed?” – Check out https://gulas.ch, follow us on Fediverse and sign up – we’ll also send you the most important information by email!

Social Media & Contact

Do you have any questions? You can reach us via the following channels, for example:

Image: CC-BY 4.0, Florian »Cheatha« Köhler