37C3: Self-organized Sessions

37C3: Self-organized Sessions


  • We categorize workshops, group meetings, short presentations, etc. as Self-organized Sessions.
  • Starting now, you can create self-organized sessions and book rooms for them.
  • An overview of all self-organized sessions can be found in the Hub.
  • The registration of a self-organized session takes place in the Backoffice of the Hub.

The magic word is self-organization

You want to arrange a meeting of a group or a discussion about a specific topic? Give a workshop? Host a competition or a game? Organize something outside the building? Want to give a short talk or show a movie? Start a follow-up discussion to one of the big talks? Or plan something else that needs a place at the Congress?

Instead of listing all these things individually or creating categories for them, we introduced the term self-organized session a few years ago. Self-organized sessions are, as the name suggests, organized by all of you.

To create a session, click the plus in the top right-hand corner of the Hub homepage and then go to “Self-organized Session”. You will be redirected to the Backoffice. If you don’t yet have an account in the Hub, you should create one beforehand. When the session will take place, how long it will last, what you will do there and where it takes place is up to you. For example, you can meet at a bar or in an assembly (please check with those assemblies beforehand!). If you need a room for more people, you can also book rooms for this purpose as of today. When saving the session, a check is made to see whether the selected room is still available at the selected time, otherwise an error message is displayed. Once you have filled in this information and saved the session, it will appear in the Overview, where other participants can find it. If you have selected one of the specified rooms, it will also appear in the timetable later.

The following rooms are available for self-organized sessions:

  • Hall D
  • Hall E

Both rooms are free bookable via the hub. Room E will also host the Lightning Talks. Room E is equipped with a streaming/recording setup.

In addition, two self-managed stages are available:

  • Stage H
  • Stage X

Further self-organized rooms can be found on the overview page in the hub.

Please note that this system runs on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, check the calendar before you create a session to see which rooms are still available at which times.