37C3: Hackertours

37C3: Hackertours

TL;DR: We have exiting tours to interesting locations in Hamburg. All details over at Hackertours!

The Hamburg team has sought out interesting locations in the city that will take you away from the catacombs of the Congress Center for a few hours, letting you experience exiting new things.

The Tours

Cap San Diego

Cap San Diego is a general cargo ship built in 1961 that still is seaworthy and offers excursions. On our tour we will see the bridge as well as the engine room. An exhibition takes us back in time to worldwide shipping before the introduction of containers. All details

Old Elbe Tunnel

Look behind the curtain: the St. Pauli Elbtunnel connects the St. Pauli neighborhood with Steinwerder island. It was built between 1907 and 1911, and was one of the first road tunnels in the world. On this tour, Thomas Heidborn takes you to the cupola of the head building on the St. Pauli side and mentally back to the time where it all began. All details

Train Museum Loco Shed Aumühle

At the Train Museum Loco Shed Aumühle the Verein Verkehrsamateure und Museumsbahn e. V. has collected and restored trains from 150 years of railroad history, among them multiple generations of Hamburg rapid transit trains. Using the Field Train, we take a tour around the grounds of the museum at its exhibits. Competent volunteer members explain the history of the moving stock, the signal tours and safety equipment, track construction and many other aspects. Where possible, everything is in operation and can be touched! All details


The electrum is Hamburgs Museum of Electricity and Technology. Nothing works without electricity—for 130 years, electricity is part of our daily lives. You’ll find around one thousands technical devices from all ages in electrum, Hamburgs museum of electricity in Harburgs inner harbour. Alle Details

U-Boat Museum Hamburg U-434

A technical adventure awaits you, where you can descend into one of the largest non-nuclear hunting and espionage submarines of its time. Our guides will not only give you a tour of the submarine with great background information, but also an exclusive tour of the command center. All details

Booking your tour

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