Accessibility at 37C3

Accessibility at 37C3

To answer questions regarding Accessibility at Congress:

In short:

  • Our venue, CCH, is accessible
  • simply bring your assistants to the entrance
  • Hidden Disabilities Badges and quiet hacking at QuietQube
  • Silent Room access and more Accessibility info at Helpdesk
  • Please: wear a mask, get tested, don’t come while infectious.

CCH recently got renovated. Therefore it has good barrier-free access. For instance: a tactile guide system, captions in braille, induction loops and modern toilets. All places will be wheelchair-accessible. Including stages.

More info on accessibility at the CCH website

Tickets and Assistants

If you need an assistant, they can get into the venue for free. Simply bring them and your ticket to the entrance. Please bring an official disabled ID card.

Ask if you need to bring an assistant but can’t provide an ID. Also, please inform us if you have multiple assistants taking turns.

If the ticket shop is not accessible to you, please reach out, too.

Important Places

  • QuietQube
    The QuietQube is a quiet social place for everyone. It is meant for socialising, hacking and chilling. There are couches, desks and cozy seating. A Code of Conduct will help in case of conflicts.
  • Helpdesk
    The Helpdesk at QuietQube will provide accessibility info. You can also get a Hidden Disabilities Badge.
  • Silent Room
    The Silent Room is a place to rest. Helpdesk will guide you to it.
  • Infopages and Infodesk
    Infodesk and Infopages can answer many questions about accessibility.


The Awareness Team will support you if you have bad experiences at Congress.

Preventing Diseases

We expect all visitors to take care of each other. So we ask you to help us out:

  • If possible, please wear a mask.
  • Please get tested before joining the event.
  • If you have a cough, sniffle or diarrhoea, please stay at home.

Unfortunately, some people will not respect this. This is a risk you need to be aware of.

We currently don’t know if there will be free tests or masks.