Press at 37C3

Press at 37C3

The Chaos Computer Club invites you, as previously announced, to the 37th Chaos Communication Congress at the Congress Center Hamburg from 27 to 30 December under the motto “37C3: Unlocked”. We warmly welcome press from Germany and abroad and ask journalists to register for accreditation in our accreditation system.

In order to organise the process as smoothly as possible, we ask you to create a short profile in our accreditation system with the background of the reporters and their needs. The more we know about these needs, the better we can organise speakers and interview partners, prepare filming and photo locations in accordance with our photo policy and coordinate the appropriate time for access to the event.

Accreditation is granted in accordance with our guidelines and generally for one day. Depending on availability and additional requirements, journalists can apply for vouchers from a limited contingent to purchase a press ticket for the entire event.

In order to be able to process all requests before the event, the accreditation phase will end on 16 December 2023. We kindly ask you to submit requests exclusively via the above-mentioned system, as messages to other contact addresses are too often lost.

Image by Marjan Blan