Camp 2023 – ISDN (and POTS)

Camp 2023 – ISDN (and POTS)

jolly and laforge from the osmocom team are planning to operate an experimental ISDN and analog telephony network at the Camp! This network will be provided for people to re-enact the good old telephony days, using anything as old as rotary dial phones, up to the 1990s ISDN experience. So if you still have your old wired telephones or ISDN equipment in a basement, feel free to bring it along and hook it up.

Types of interfaces

We can offer

  • analog POTS ports, exposed as classic 2-wire “ab” interface according to German standards
  • ISDN ports using Uk0 interface, using 4B3T according to German standards

What Equipment do I need to bring

For analog lines, you can connect any analog phone, answering machine, fax, modem, etc. Even rotary phones from Sweden and New Zealand (with their special pulse sequences) will work. For ISDN lines, you should bring your NTBA/NT1 (to convert Uk0 to S0) and then any ISDN equipment like phones, ISDN adapters, PBXs, … If you only have ISDN equipment for S0-bus but no NTBA, we have a few NTBA around that we can lend you, as needed, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

In addition, it will be wise to bring sufficient length of telephony wires so you can connect to the closest “Point of Presence”. You would need to run some telephony wire (or CAT5, if that‘s all you have) to one of our “points of presence”, where we will put V5_Access_Multiplexers. We are planning to deploy those at only a few (2–3) “Datenklo” (data loo) around the camp site. One of them will be in the vicinity of the POC tent, the other locations are yet to be determined.

What kind of services do you offer?

Our experimental analog + ISDN network will be interconnected with the POC/eventphone so you should be able to connect not only with other users of the analog/ISDN network, but also the POC DECT subscribers as well as the c3gsm GSM subscribers. There might also be connectivity with the OCTOI network, but we are uncertain if we can achieve that.

More infos will be provided ahead of camp on the info pages.