Camp 2023 – Camp Parcel Service

Camp 2023 – Camp Parcel Service

TL;TR: You can mail your stuff by parcel to the camp site and back home again. An FAQ providing info on package delivery can be found on the info pages.

From your place to the camp

Has this ever happened to you? You’re packed and eager to bike to camp. But you must admit: three suitcases and two tents are like really bulky. So you scrounge grandma’s SUV and quickly click a parking ticket. Oh, they cost money, too. So you check for a cheap nearby parking garage, what it costs, how you’re going to haul the stuff to camp, and TOOT: Some train nerds are posting stuffed animals on trains again. Great. Because you’ve got no time left for the crocheting workshop because of all the hustle and bustle. You might as well just stay home then.

It doesn’t have to be like this!

Just send your stuff to the camp by parcel post with the service you mistrust least. They can deliver to postal addresses? We can accept it for you!

Read more on BGP service in our FAQ.

Via Hackerspace

Of course, you could also dump your stuff at your local hackerspace - Jane’s gonna transport all those 3D printers, 5U server racks and Mate crates to camp anyway. So quickly ask her if she has some space left on her truck for your stuff. Now all that’s left to do is to actually find that Jane again at the Camp site. Then go to the parking lot, and after only three iterations of dragging stuff back and forth between the parking lot and your tent, your stuff is at least in your tent’s vicinity.

It doesn’t have to be like this, either!

Our FAQ will help Jane drop your stuff at the BGP tent for you to come and collect it.

Via online shopping

Of course you forgot your towel at home. And the Flower badge might requires a certified USB-5.4 cable, but you only have a USB-2A one with you. And that friendly tent neighbor isn’t that friendly anymore after you absolutely need to borrow their stuff for the fifth time. Friendships have broken over less. So you want to overnight-express your own from $sustainable_webshop.

But what delivery address to use? Shipping companies tend to dislike addresses like “the blue tent next to brick kiln 3, CCCamp2023, Krautland”.

We can help with that too!

Our FAQ will help you generate an address to use in online stores.

From camp back home

After only five days camp is already over, so you want to travel back home. Sadly, your angel shirt, your 3D printed bottle tag, the hot camp merch and all the other awesome swag won’t fit into your crammed backpack.

Again: There’s a solution for this as well. Just leave it to your preferred parcel service!

Again: There’s a solution for this as well. Our FAQ will tell you the secrets of just leaving it to your preferred parcel service.

Leave the stress at home, travel by bike and train without exhaust fumes and lugging!

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