Ask everybody in the picture if they agree to be photographed or filmed. Inform them, if you want to publish the picture anywhere. It follows that shots from the stage into the audience and long shots in the hackcenters, villages and the other public areas are not possible! Please note that we might ask photographers and film teams to leave, if they don’t behave accordingly.


Where do I put my tent if I do NOT participate in a Village ?

Come to the camp site and put your tent on a spot that you like and that is not reserved for someone else or for infrastructure. You can also join a village if you ask the inhabitants or move your tent if you don’t like a spot.

Where can I store my valuables?

You have to take care of your valuables yourself. You can ask your friendly neighbour to watch out for your stuff, lock it in a car or carry it with you. Up to now very few things have been stolen during CCC events but as our events grow bigger the number of jerks probably rises proportionally.

Cars and Camper Vans

If you can, please leave your vehicle at home. Check travel for other options of getting to the venue. We also offer a Parcel Service so you can send Things to and from the venue.

Where can I park my car?

There will be a parking lot right beside the camp, there will be no parking on the campsite itself. You will need to buy a parking ticket for your car. Buy one now online, or on-site when you arrive (cash-only!).

Is it OK to drive the car on the camp ground to unload stuff for the village on arrival?

We ask everyone to carry their luggage by hand if possible. We plan to provide carts and similar means of transportation between the cash desk and the rest of the camp ground. If you really need to drive on the camp ground to unload, better come early as we may close the venue for vehicles if it gets to dense. In general there is no guarantee that you are able to drive on the camp ground, you may have to wait for several hours. Use the Parcel Service to save yourself from this stress and hassle. It is also much more environment friendly.

Is it ok to come with a campervan/caravan?

Generally yes, but please read Caravans.

Will there be campers/caravans allowed at the FamilyVillage?

There is no space for campers or caravans in the FamilyVillage.


Which methods of Payment are available?

Everything on the Camp will be in cash only!

Where is the next ATM?

See here

Parcel Delivery to and from the camp

Can I send my stuff to the camp?

You can send your stuff using any postal delivery service operating in Germany. Go to the BGP Website and generate a sticker to get the delivery address. Put the Sticker prominently on your Parcel, but be sure to not interfere with the delivery companies Sticker/Codes.

My Stuff arrives at the camp using a acquaintance car, but meetup and storing is hard. Can you Help?

Yes, we don’t really care how Parcels arrive (post, car, ship, rocket, pigeon, beamed by Scotty, magic portal). As long it has a sticker we will store it in our Storage and it can be picked up. Please make sure each item has a sticker on it so we know which items belong together. You can use the same Code for all Items in your Shipment but please specify the correct item amount on the Website.

While we gladly store parcels, suitcases, camping tents and similar items, we can not handle loose items. Generally spoken, it should be in a form any postal delivery service would take in. For other requirements, please talk to the Logistic Operation Center.

I deliver items for many people to the camp. Can you help with the distribution?

Yes, see above question/answer. Please make sure everyone puts a sticker on their items.

If you have larger amount of items to drop, please contact us before arriving at the camp.

Can I order Stuff online to the Camp?

Yes, please visit the BGP Website and generate a sticker to get the delivery address including a 6 Digit Tracking Code.

Please remember, anything you order to the camp you also need to carry back home (or send it using a postal service). We urge you to think about the environment before going on a shopping spree.

Can I send my stuff from the camp to my home?

You can send your stuff home using a postal delivery service operating in Germany. Just buy a online stamp and bring your item to the [BGP] Tent. While we support many Companies, DHL may be the best supported option. We will provide means to print your online stamps on the campsite.

Can I do larger shipments involving dedicated logistic companies?

This is handled by the Logistic Operation Center. Please talk to them before you ship your Stuff.

Can you handle my cash on delivery package? Can you handle my customs fee?

No, we can not handle any cash related things. If you need pay for your delivery you need to be present at the BGP Tent during delivery. Ask us on the campsite to get the estimated delivery times and be prepared for long waiting times.

Can you handle registered packages?

No, you need to be present the BGP Tent during delivery. Ask us on the campsite to get the estimated delivery times and be prepared for long waiting times.

I have special delivery needs. Whom can I talk to?

Please contact the Logistic Operation Center.

What is a BGP Sticker?

The BGP Sticker allows us to handle your delivery more smoothly, allow you to check if your delivery arrived and simplifies handout to you. You can generate stickers on the BGP website.

There are 2 options to use them:

  • If you are the one sending the package, you should put the QR-Code part on your package.
  • If you order something from someone else (for example a online shop), you get a 6-Digit Tracking-Code on the Sticker page which you need to put into the Address Field.

Please use the Delivery Address on the Sticker for the Destination of your package. The generated Sticker page contains a QR-Code you can then use at the camp to get your Item quickly.

I lost/forgot my Receiving Code. Can I still get my Stuff?

Yes, but you need to convince us that you are actually the Recipient of your stuff. A valid and simple option is to use your Real-name on the items and a passport. Other options involve using your l33t social engineering skills.

I did not use a BGP Sticker. Can I still get my Stuff?

See above

When can I send my stuff to the camp?

Please do not send stuff to the camp to arrive before the 10th or after the 24th of August.

Open Fire

Are charcoal BBQs allowed?

No – all forms of open fire are forbidden. Please let your Charcoal BBQ Grill at home and bring a gas BBQ instead. As mentioned under Power please don’t bring an electric grill either.

Could we make a Camp Fire/bonfire (dt. Lagerfeuer) ?

No – all forms of open fire are forbidden. Only if the fire brigade allows it one camp fire at the official fire place will be lit.

Are camping stoves powered by ethyl alcohol allowed?

Gas and liquid fuel are OK, they don’t spread sparks.

Where can we get gas for our BBQs in the area?

You will have the option to buy gas in 5kg and 10kg on the campsite. Villages can order gas in the village shop.

Dogs and other pets

Is it ok to bring my dog?

No (exception: service dogs). We ask everybody not to bring dogs. There are at least three problems we had with dogs on events in the past: 1. Dogs mark their territory by peeing at tents. 2. Attendees have problems with dogs. Be it by allergy or by phobia. 3. Dogs who have problems with people. They get scared in a crowd or by some odors. Camp is no good place for pets. Leave your pets at home.

Service dogs are of course allowed and welcomed together with their human companion.

Driving objects

Is it ok to bring a bicycle and to cycle on the campground?


Flying objects

No flying objects are allowed in the area of the event.

Will there be a dedicated area for flying objects?

For now not, but we still try to make it possible.


Will there be a private DECT Network?

Yes, see POC.

Will there be a private GSM Network?

Yes, see GSM.


As usual there will be wired and wireless networks with speeds up to 10G available. Please use only unshielded cables, preferably with an unshielded connector. We will not plug in any shielded cables. See the main Network page for more details.

Will there be (Ten)Gigabit Ethernet in the Datenklo?

Yes. In the current network-planning each Datenklo will have 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T/10GBASE-T ethernet ports available for end-users.



How will drinking water be distributed?

There will be water supply stations where you can get water from a tap. You can fill your water bottle at the water supply but you can’t hook up a hose. You can also buy bottled water at the Bars

Will there be a hookup for campers?

No, there will be no option to hook up water or waste water for a camper.

Will there be a hookup for our village kitchen?

It’s complicated – get in touch!


How to get Food during the camp?

There will be several independent food stalls offering hot meals – from French fries to curry, breakfast foods, cake and much more. For people volunteering there will again be food at the Heaven kitchen. You can get snacks at the späti and cold drinks at all bars and at the Crate Sale

See Food for detail and more options.

How to get Food during build up and tear down ?

Unless you are a volunteer helping with build up or tear down you will have to supply yourself. See below. For people volunteering there will again be food at the Heaven kitchen.

How can I get food fully independent of you?

See POIs for grocery stores around.

Waste Disposal

What should I do with my trash?

Please avoid producing waste and trash! If you can’t you can be very nice and take it with you when you leave or use one of the many trash cans on the camp site. Getting rid of trash is very expensive for us so please don’t plan to leave stuff behind when you leave. Especially if you bring furniture, building materials or electronic waste to the camp you need to take it with you at the end! If you have any electronic waste, check on the project page of this year’s Electronic Waste Recycling Station if they can accept your kind of electronic waste. If they cannot, you need to take it with you at the end!

Leftover food



You can drop your empty batteries at the infopoint.

Social Media

Please use the hashtag #cccamp23 to tag all things related to the “Chaos Communication Camp 2023”. Please do not post any information or pictures on other people anywhere online unless they agreed before. Respect our photopolicy while taking pictures and inform the people in the picture where you want to publish it.


How can I prepare for the camp?

Besides making a backup of your data nice people compiled a guide with lots of ideas how to prepare yourself and your hardware for the camp.

What should I bring to the camp?

Besides all the usual stuff you might bring to a camping trip or a trip to the Chaos Communication Congress remember to bring long (>10m) power cables for outdoor use. And it is also a good idea to bring more sockets than plugs for all your electrical things. See guide for an extensive list.