MRMCD-CfP: Who Owns Reality?

MRMCD-CfP: Who Owns Reality?

Our reality is undergoing radical transformation. The global climate is changing, and that doesn’t just affect the weather.

The products of machine learning have reached a quality that makes it impossible for most people to distinguish between what is real and what is fake. “Facts” are generated as desired and accompanied by appropriate evidence in words, images and sound. The line between fact and fantasy becomes blurred and is controlled by whoever has the biggest following.

This situation inevitably leads us to the question: Who owns reality?

We are looking for talks and workshops that address IT security, privacy, eGovernment, fake news, deep fakes, machine learning, “AI & copyright” or anything else that comes to your mind. Please submit your talks for MRMCD 2023 by 30 July 2023 at

If you would like to submit a talk but are not sure yet whether your idea suits the conference or how to present your idea: please do not hesitate to contact us at chatbot (et) Even if you haven’t given a talk yet – we gladly support aspiring prompt artists. If you can think of someone you think we should invite, we’d also be happy to hear from you via email. We welcome talks and other content in English and German. If you want to present in other languages, please reach out to us so that we can help you with your idea.

Since 2004 the MetaRheinMainChaosDays (MRMCD) are an annual conference held by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). They are collaboratively organized by the non-profit MRMCD, local Hackerspaces, CCC groups and universities. The 2023 conference will take place on the first weekend of September (1-3 Sep) at the Piloty building (S2|02) of the Technical University of Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt).

Our dedicated team chooses a new motto and theme every year, but our main focus is always current events and interesting developments in IT security as well as current topics. Furthermore, the MRMCD offer the opportunity to deal with current issues in the digital world and to exchange ideas about them, as well as to establish contacts in various research areas. An important concern of the MRMCD is the exchange about new technologies and developments in the Internet as well as the opportunity for informal discussions across professional boundaries.

Tickets for MRMCD23 will of course be available in advance at fair prices as usual.