Camp 2023 – Merch presale

Camp 2023 – Merch presale

Get your camp souvenirs in your size now!

For this Chaos Communication Camp, we want to give you the opportunity to buy t-shirts, hoodies, zippers and other camp memorabilia in advance. This is an experiment to make it easier for you to collect clothes of your taste and in your size at the stall later on - without having to wait in the queue for hours shooting fearful glimpse at the residual stock indicator. What’s more, you don’t have to hold on to your scarce cash holdings at the event to buy textiles, but can spend it on drinks and craft kits to your heart’s content.

The pre-sale enables us to produce more precisely, to better estimate the distribution of sizes and the interest in the designs, and thus to avoid costly stock-keeping and tedious taking of inventories of unsold clothes later on. Since we organise the sales in a very small team completely on a voluntary basis, we have no resources for complex shipping and returns organisation. Big companies and commercial festivals can compensate for the risk of over-producing by charging higher prices - we, on the other hand, want to also give the financially less well-padded members of the Chaos family the opportunity to go home with a long-lasting souvenir of the event.

We are happy to pass the savings on to you by offering the merch a few euros cheaper when purchased in advance.

You can find the merch shop at the following URL:

Note: You will need to come and get your merch!

After paying for your order and downloading the corresponding QR code from our presale system, you can use it at the camp itself to pick up your merchandise until August 17 2023 at 22:00 (day 3) - this also means that you should only order if you’ve already secured a ticket for the camp or know someone who can pick up the t-shirts for you. However, in return, we have to insist that you actually pick up the previously purchased goods by day 3. In the language of the lawyers, this is called a forward contract. After that, your claim to the textile expires and we try to offer it for sale to other participants. Until the end of the camp, we can only offer you the goods according to availability. For logistical reasons, we cannot ship the merchandise after the camp.

That being said, we don’t want to rip you off: If there are unforeseen circumstances preventing you from fulfilling the “get your merch” part of the contract, will try to find a fair solution.

Besides sporting an amazing design, the textiles are eco-organic certified, durable and, according to our experience, have a great cut. If you have bought memorabilia from us at Congresses or rc3 in recent years, you know that we don’t buy cheap stuff and you already know what sizes will probably fit you. We will also link the manufacturer’s size charts for all items of clothing in our presale system.

To ensure that you can keep a clear head when ordering the camp tickets without being distracted by what merch you should buy, the presale for camp merchandise starts one day after the first ticket pre-sale, i.e. on 7 June, and ends one day after the last round of ticket sales, i.e. on June 25. We can not accept later pre-orders - after all, we have to order the raw material for the print shop at some point.

Of course, we will also offer some products at the camp itself that have not been pre-ordered. You can use them to stock up on the souvenirs you bought in advance - only while stocks last, of course.