DiVOC Bridging Bubbles – Call for Expertise

DiVOC Bridging Bubbles – Call for Expertise


  • The CfP has been extended until 20.3.2022
  • We’re making Putins Ukraine war the topic for a whole day (Saturday 16.04.)
  • Looking for: qualified contributions about help for refugees, OS intelligence, fact checking, open flow of information, protection against cyber attacks, hacker ethics, reconciliation
  • Contributions to other serious and fluffy topics still welcome!

We are devastated by Putins military invasion of Ukraine. We could have never wanted our theme - bridging bubbles - to be as urgent. Because we will need to build bridges between Ukrainians, Russians and the international community; for the sake of every peaceful creature that has suffered due to the war.

This is why we will be dedicating Saturday, 16.04.22 to this topic.

We are looking for qualified reporting on the information and power bubbles that are shaping the conflict.

We stand in solidarity with out Ukrainian friends and the reports leave us restless. But many technical aspects are also on our minds.

We are a collective of hackers. What does that mean when there’s a war happening right at our doorsteps that is also being fought on the Internet?

What are constructive contributions we can make as civilian hacktivists for the people of Ukraine? How should we debunk propaganda? Can freedom of information help in the process of reconciliation?

If you can contribute a talk or a discussion on Saturday, we’d be happy for your proposal in Pretalx in track “Resilience and Education” or a mail to our content team via divoc@neanderfunk.de until 20.03.2022!

We are also looking forward to performances and works of art dealing with the topic. You can also contribute to an educational short on hacker ethics and debunking “cyber war”.

But by dedicating a day to this topic, we deliberately chose to not make it a theme for the whole event. There’s other subjects needing to be addressed and bunnies wanting to be illuminated with LEDs. These submissions will always be welcome.

Be excellent to each other! бути відмінними один до одного! Будьте замечательные друг к другу!