20. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

20. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

factory reset … done: hello, world

You have been eagerly awaiting it, a few panic-stricken inquiries have already reached us. Now the time has finally come: We want to invite you - one week earlier than usual - to the 20th Gulaschprogrammiernacht!

Save the date: 19.05. - 22.05.2022 at HfG and ZKM, Lorenzstr. 15, 76135 Karlsruhe, Baden, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Europe, Earth, Sun, α-Quadrant, Milky Way, Laniakea.

This GPN will take place under new and special conditions. Probably we will have some clarity of the actual local regulations regarding the COVID19 pandemic at some point in April 2022.The regulations of the state of Baden-Württemberg are decisive for us.

More of the same

At the Gulaschprogrammiernacht there will be everything what the heart of a hacker or a haeckse longs for: talks, workshops, demo show, blinkingthingies, music that - as always - will be way too loud or too quiet for at least two people. A big hackcenter, Karlsruhe’s yearly supply of mate and Tschunk, an epic lounge, a wonderful lava meadow and - of course - lots of wonderful goulash! For four days there will be hacking, lecturing, tinkering and discussing again that ones and zeros will fly. Everyone’s welcome, from the usual suspects to the (still) inexperienced and firsttimers.

Lectures and workshops

How many talks and workshops are going to be available and how interesting they will be is completely up to you! We are looking forward to a wide range of topics for talks and workshops for all participants. You can submit your proposals in the Pretalx. If you don’t want to offer something yourself, but know people you would like to see as speakers at the GPN, please forward this call to them. Please make your presentations and workshops as accessible and understandable as possible. Presentations will be recorded by default and posted online at media.ccc.de, opt-out is possible at any time.


The GPN, like all other Chaos events, is only possible thanks to the energetic efforts of many helpers who keep everything running from the info desk to the livestreams. If you want to participate, you can soon register in the troll system. For some special activities newcomers will be instructed so that no previous knowledge or special qualifications are necessary.

For everything else, there’s the Internet: Follow the goulash.


  • “How much is a ticket?” - There are no tickets and admission is free. GPN is donor-funded and prices for drinks and food are low. We rely on your donations to make this year’s and next year’s event possible.
  • “Why should I register?” - So we know how many chairs, tables, goulash and tschunk ingredients we have to order. Textile swag must be reserved at the time of registration. Also, by registering, you will get a free public transport ticket.
  • “What are trolls?” - That’s what we call our helpers, comparable to the angels at other chaos events. Come by and troll with us!
  • “I have other questions!” - Then first check our detailed FAQ and if you don’t find an answer there, write us a mail.