DiVOC Bridging Bubbles – Call for Collaboration

DiVOC Bridging Bubbles – Call for Collaboration

tl;dr A hybrid event: online and in your hackspaces. Do weird things to coax people out of their bubbles and to connect them with others. Contribute on the Wiki and IRC #divoc-bb3, to help plan this. From 15.-18. April 2022.

During the pandemic, the bubbles and echo chambers all of us inhabit seem to have gotten even tighter and more impermeable. We want to interact and merge the bubbles. DiVOC has to replace Easterhegg for the third time, but this time around we hope that the situation allows for small groups to do things together in person. So let’s use the chance to network the bubbles worldwide. Hack the new normal!

Build a Jitsi corner in your club, stream a talk from your space (we’ll help with the technical setup), network with other spaces, connect Workadventure avatars to the real world. Add your ideas to the Wiki, discuss your projects on the Hackint IRC channel #divoc-bb3, and join our mumbles that we’ll host to help everybody coordinate. Let’s build a better world together!

In the usual DiVOC manner we’re relying on self-organisation. Use the wiki to promote your ideas and offerings and find collaborators. We’ll have a Workadventure you will be able to add your own map to, and we’re looking forward to your extensions to connect Workadventure with the physical world. And all the BBB and Jitsi servers at CCC and elsewhere invite everybody to have spontaneous or planned sessions and workshops.

We’ll also have a talk program and a lounge stream, but for now, we want to spur you on to create crazy and cool ideas for a hybrid event!