[rC3 2021 - NOWHERE] Rahmenprogramm

[rC3 2021 - NOWHERE] Rahmenprogramm

Good evening,

surely you have already been waiting. Here’s the info about the program that’ll be produced by the channels.

First things first: The opening of this year’s #rC3 is happening at 11:00am and will be broadcasted by ChaosWest-TV, FeM and xHain. The same channels will also host the Infrastructure Review on the last day of the event at 6:15pm. Directly followed by the closing, streamed by ChaosWest-TV and FeM.

Newly introduced this year will be the format of c3newsshow, which you’ll see in the program of about:future, FeM and xHain. Several times a day, the newsshow will present interesting talks and highlights through the content of all channels. If you’re lost among the many channels and program points and you’re not sure where to go, or if you want to catch something new, have a look, and let our heralds inspire you.

Of course, the entire event schedule can be found here.