[rC3 2021 - NOWHERE] Fahrplan released

[rC3 2021 - NOWHERE] Fahrplan released

Good Nighttime,

Other than last year, this time we won’t have a main track. Instead, several independent channels will be producing the content of rC3.

We are happy to announce that together with our channels haecksen, xHain hack+makespace, CWTV, R3S, c-base, FeM, Chaosstudio Hamburg, ChaosZone TV, franconian.net, about:future / hackers against climate change München, gehacktes from hell and Sendezentrum, we created a shared schedule (v0.1 SOMETHING) for the rC3 NOWHERE.

Let’s have a look at the Coronavirus Structural Task Force with haecksen, or investigate the The Rise and Fall of “Social Bot” Research at ChaosZoneTV. If you are wondering about Kyber and Post-Quantum Crypto - How does it work?, CWTV has the answer. If you are up to something different, maybe the Tech Dominatrix and Device control as a fetish at c-base might raise your curiosity. You may be into practical bruteforce of military grade AES-1024 with R3S or do you care about the State of the Onion (Tor Project) at Chaos Studio Hamburg? If you want to dive deep into hardware design, franconian.net has just what you need: The Doom-chip “On Ice”: designing hardware for a 1993 retro-classic. Gehacktes from hell and about:future will discuss important environmental topics with you, so take a look at the Carbon Sink Solution(s). Dance at the “Maskenball” (xHain) and last and absolutely not least: the rC3 teleshop.

Enjoy viewing the Schedule

Public Streams

As always the streams are public without a ticket to the 2d-world. You can watch the rC3 program directly at streaming.media.ccc.de.


As every year there are volunteers who make it possible for you to watch the #rC3 program directly on your devices.


  • rC3 Schedule 2021 by tbsprs on F-Droid or Google Play ),
  • Giggity (generic Fahrplan App) using URL: https://static.rc3.world/schedule/everything.xml
  • Congress Fahrplan by Benjamin Schilling on Google Play


Have fun exploring the rC3 schedule!