Was, wie, wo?

Was, wie, wo?

Welcome back!

In this blog post you will find information, news and the most important things to come through the upcoming rC3. If you have any questions left at the end of this post that we did not address, please write us an email at: infodesk@rc3.world.

Public Event Chat

For this year’s rC3 in Nowhere, there will be an event-specific RocketChat! You can already use it - be it for exchange during map building, networking with existing teams, trades etc. It’s your central connection point for self-organization.

Note: There is no public wiki, as there was for face-to-face events, just like last year. The Hub has taken over this function, and the public rC3 RocketChat lets you communicate directly with each other.

Assemblies and Engine Room

Like last year, there is an Engine Room for all assemblies. In order to use assembly features, such as contributing a 2D map, awarding badges, etc., you must register in the Engine Room.

Information on how to use the maschinenraum can soon be found in the HowTo.

Self-Organised Sessions

To register a self-organised session you need no assembly, but an rC3-Ticket. As soon as the Hub is up and running on Day 0, you can enter your self-organised session there.

What’s New in the 2D World?

The 2D world has grown over the last 12 months and has gained several new features, including:

  • video walls
  • scripting possibilities
  • better badges
  • a companion that follows your avatar everywhere

More info about the possibilities and how to create maps can be found in the HowTo.


The infodesk is up and ready for your questions. They are reachable via public chat and email.