rC3 2021 Design

rC3 2021 Design

Dear CCC and RC3 interested nerds, hackers, makers, activists, creatures and other life forms.

There is time and space for change. NOWHERE? NOW / HERE! Remotely connected, anywhere from here, in 2021.

Here and now we would like to show you this year’s RC3 2021 NOWHERE Styleguide including the different used elements, which all is now available at https://style.rc3.world.

Please take a look at the new RC3 Styleguide, the manual and the references so that we can implement this year’s design together.

We are looking forward to the next blinking shiny Remote Chaos Experience, the RC3 2021 NOWHERE event, which is just ahead of us.

With curiosity and anticipation for the bright light at the end of the year. May the force be with you!