[rC3 2021 - NOWHERE] Besiedelt das Neuland!

[rC3 2021 - NOWHERE] Besiedelt das Neuland!


Assembly registration is open. Please register at https://maschinenraum.rc3.world/

In the beginning, the maschinenraum was desolate and empty. To fill the rC3 World with life and color again, we need you!

As with all Chaos events at the end of the year, your Assemblies are a central part of the event. We want to combine your digital creations into a world of pixel decoration full of surprises big and small. To manage your masterpieces you will need an Engine Room account

Assembly registration is open from now until 14 December. The earlier you register, the more time our busy angels will have to link your Assembly in the rC3 World.

How does the registration work?

You can create a user account for the Engine Room and apply for your assembly here. To do this, an Assembly member creates a personal account, which you use to register for the Assembly once. After confirming your assembly registration, you link other members’ personal Engine Room accounts to your Assembly. This way you can administer your Assembly as a team. Please note that you still need a ticket to participate in the event!

In order to make rC3 a pleasant experience for all entities, all Assembly registrations will be checked before they are activated. To make this easier for us, please provide a first description of the Assembly when registering, which will be publicly visible later. In addition, please describe in the “Internal comment” field who you are, whether you have already registered as an Assembly at other events, whether you belong to a space or a Chaos-related group, etc.

What to expect

You already know the software and features from last year (see “Engine Room” in last year’s advent calendar) - but there are some cool new features in the Workadventure that give you even more options for world building. In the coming weeks, the documentation for the different features will be published bit by bit. Test systems, e.g. for the World, are also planned and will be available later. Links will follow as always here on the blog - stay tuned.

If you have any questions or would like to clarify anything in advance, please contact the Assembly Team by email at rC3 at c3assemblies.de.

We are looking forward to your creative ideas!