Call for Interpreters: translate #rC3!

If you are multilingual and fluent in German, English and maybe other languages, please consider joining the translation team.

We want to interpret ALL talks in the two main channels and content from other channels too, live and in real time. Our work is transmitted live in the streams, and recordings are published on CCC sites and YouTube. For each event we have two channels for interpreted content. In the first, German talks are interpreted into English, and vice versa. A second translation channel translates into languages other than English or German – what we do there depends on availability and on the interests of the group, and maybe on the specific event.

That is a lot of material to translate and in order to succeed, we need YOU. With the second channel, you have the chance to contribute in an even more special way if you can interpret into another interesting language (from English or German). We have mostly used French and Spanish up to now, but there were others and we are interested in variety, so let us know what you can offer – especially if you can bring along a few interpreters for the same target language. Sometimes we might even use the second channel for interesting things that are not (strictly) translations.

Don’t be shy. If you are uncertain whether you’re good enough, chances are that you’ll do just fine. We will try to look after you as best we can in these strange times.

Simply send an email to translate-subscribe(at) and write a quick intro to the mailing list after you’ve completed your subscription. Also sign up as a translation angel at and give the system permission to send you emails. Most importantly, join one of our online meetings.

You need a Mumble client to take part in our meetings and to do the actual work, so set this up as much as you can. Some details can be found at Then follow the mailing list for meeting announcements. This year we recommend that you join a meeting before day 0, but there will be an official kick-off on that day as well

So please, take this chance and help us bring rC3 to an even wider international audience.

Microposts can be found at on Twitter at @c3lingo and #c3t and  on Mastodon at – but don’t expect quicker answers there, our social media team is virtually dormant.

We look forward to welcoming you!