#rC3: How To aktive Teilnahme

#rC3: How To aktive Teilnahme

Welcome to the middle of the film warm-up blog!

Just like last weekend we bring you more information on how to participate in rC3 – because it all starts in a fortnight!

An appeal regarding the new ticket contingent: Please do _not_ click tickets for bots. Or your toaster, your fridges, or (insert any other IoT things here). Our capacity is limited and we would like to give priority to beings that pass the Turing Test. We will set up a small contingent for bots and, in the coming days, announce here how you can connect your toothbrush or remote-controlled telepresence robot.

But now to the more pressing questions like: How can you help with rC3? What about accessibility at rC3 for you beings with disabilities? And – essential for the pandemic situation – the most important information from our teams c3Gelb (the hygiene task force) and CERT (the medical and fire protection team known from the Congress).

Corona situation and risk minimisation

Please familiarise with the hygiene instructions composed by c3Gelb and keep them in mind – at least for rC3, even longer, it won’t hurt. We recommend reading and following the instructions entirely, especially if you plan to meet fellow nerds in person for the event. Stay responsible, especially with your most important people – we want to see you all again at 37C3!

Now, we hope that this information is not unsettling for some parts of the audience – well, at least it shouldn’t, unless you haven’t had any contact with the outside world since 36C3 or you’ve been following right-wing conspiracy theorists and their consorts. If you are among the latter group: Mask/CoVID deniers, right wingers and the like are not welcome here. We’d rather have the refrigerators. If you are respectful and responsible, and also act in solidarity, you are very much welcome, as every year.

Still with us? Great! Back to the good news.

Angels online

As every year, this event is supported by volunteers of all kinds and skillsets: the Angels. Traditionally, Angels take on more or less specialised tasks before, during and after the event. It is their help that makes the realisation, scope and low entrance fee possible in the first place. Without Angels there would be no Chaos events.

If you are one of the Angels planning the local rC3 Chaos Studios, you are surely already informed. For those and anyone with the itch to get involved online, our Angel coordination centre, the Heaven, looks after the Engelsystem.

Becoming an Angel is easy: You simply register at the Engelsystem (newly for every event, because we like data minimization).

Before the event, you can already keep an eye out for open shifts and requests for the virtual buildup. In the Engelsystem there is also a help-wanted list with different tasks that still need to be done. If you do have tasks, you can put them in a linked pad, and Heaven will push them over into the Engelsystem for you.

Being an Angel during the event is not only worth it for the feeling of having fought the 2020 blues together, but also to get in touch with new people. We don’t let anyone go out on a shift alone! Teams looking for junior staff may advertise mandatory trainee shifts for specialised jobs, so look out in time to secure your favourite tasks and try out cool new things!

Sadly, there’s no delicious food from the Angel Kitchen – we regret that deeply! But do check out PrivacyWeek’s @sternenkueche who faced the same challenge this year. The Sternenküche has shared some of the best-of recipes for angels at home – scaled down to private household quantities and for handy pre-cooking and reheating during the shift.

Because we are also asked time and again whether there will also be Angel goodies as existent at physical events: We are trying. Currently the scaling for more participants has priority, but we really want to make a goodie for our hardworking Angels possible after the event. Please allow email notifications on your account in the Engelsystem so that people can contact you afterwards – hopefully with super great news!

Accessibility at rC3

We consider ourselves lucky to regularly welcome community members with all kinds of of disabilities and needs to our events and learn from your perspectives.

While for some beings an online event makes all the fun accessible in the first place, the new implementation makes it much more difficult for other beings to participate. We are painfully aware that we cannot make rC3 accessible for all beings with the resources we have.

The new Accessibility team is currently collecting and pooling experience and feedback to help us get the best out of it.

If you want help, want to get involved or have any other concerns, please contact c3auti, Accessibility/Integration Operation Center (IOC) or call 2382 via eventphone.

In order to make participation at rC3 as accessible as possible, we have decided to offer two “views”. There is a “PlainUI” for the rC3 platform. You will find all the important content such as the streams, workshops/self-organised sessions, subpages where assemblies present their projects and so on, and you can participate in workshops via this PlainUI. There will be the possibility for direct messaging and video chats. The PlainUI is available in a dark and a light theme and is optimised for assistance systems such as screen readers.

As usual, the talks will be subtitled. Do you want to help? Then follow the Call for Subtitles!

In addition to the stream and the PlainUI, there is also the “rC3 World”, a 2D world that virtually recreates the assembly halls. The assemblies are already working hard to create this view of the rC3. You can walk around in the 2D-world with an avatar and meet other participants and check out a lot of lovingly designed details. There will also be chats and video chats and lots to discover.

As in previous years, there will be the Quiet Qube by c3Auti, this time within the “rC3 World”. Furthermore, c3Auti will also continue the talks from DiVOC featuring strong voices of autistic people.

One more thing: The rC3 World can currently only be controlled via keystrokes. A physical keyboard is therefore necessary, especially for tablets and smartphones. To participate in the video chats, the opt-in of your microphone and, if applicable, your camera is required. And yes, it is perfectly okay to put a friendly plush animal or a running 3d-printer in front of the camera.

CERT online

Of course, CERT can’t be there for you as usual this year, because sticking purely digital plasters just won’t do the thing, and also because real telemedicine is terribly complicated as far as the legal side is concerned.

So that you don’t have to do without your first-aid-angels, we have thought up a few things:

  • For all those who miss our “CERT Special Isodrink”: We have a recipe.
  • For all those who always wanted to check first aid cabinets (seriously, checking material makes up half of our job ;-) ) we also have something: First Aid Cabinet (CERT Edition; until now German only, any takers for translation?)
  • Of course we are available for you on Eventphone via the number 1818. On the digital events we leave 112 (the German equivalent of 911) to the respective local emergency services, for safety’s sake. Please keep that in mind!
  • And for those who still haven’t had enough, look forward to:
    The nerd-mergency-room – the CERT MMORPG (available in the rC3 World): CERT angels with appropriate experience will be the NPCs for you, answering your questions and sending you on quests, if you want. We will even allow you to relive one of the legendary Firewatch shifts from Leipzig!

To make sure everything works properly, we’ll start with a message from CERT for the Assembly architects:

There is a security-tileset! And for all assemblies who want to install it: On the 25th and 26th, CERT will be sending teams around the world to do a “security walk-through”, and if you want your assembly to be #CERTified, take note of the following:

  • Pay attention to fire safety (fire extinguishers and fire blankets are available. If you want test seals for the fire extinguishers, you can have a link from us to add the graphics).
  • Pay attention to the emergency exits (signs are also available in the tileset ;-) )
  • Secure dangerous areas (you guessed it; barrier tape, cones, etc. are ready)
  • Hang up a first aid kit (available in 2 sizes: DIN 13019 and DIN 13164)

If passed, you will receive a certificate:

(Disclaimer; the inspection is valid only for the virtual rC3 2D world, and has no validity or relevance for any physical, real-existing spaces).

You can register for the inspection of your assembly from Sun, 13.12. under assembly-certificates@cert.CCC.de. Just tell us where to find your map, and we’ll send you a team, as usual. ;-)

All the best and see you on Tuesday – with surprise guests.