#rc3: Call for Subtitles

Hey you, maybe you already know C3Subtitles from previous chaos events. We will also create subtitles for this years rC3! Especially people who are hard of hearing and people that don’t understand and speak the language of the talk perfectly will profit from them. But if that doesn’t apply to you, it doesn’t mean the subtitles can’t be beneficial to you: Just imagine your dad/flatmate/hamster is vacuuming at the very moment you wanted to enjoy a video…

If you want to participate in the subtitles team this year, just become an angel and join the team! We will create subtitles for the recorded videos and do the timing in a subsequent step, so you don’t have to have fast fingers. All the information how all of that is done and how we distribute the workload for the decentralized chaos experience will be shown in the subtitles angel introduction meetings…

Contact Methods

IRC: #subtitles on hackint.org
Rocket Chat: Channel subtitles
Twitter: @c3subtitles