36c3: Have your say

36c3: Have your say

We would like to ask you, again.

The survey has been closed. Thanks for over 2000 submission!

You will be as surprised as we are: A new Chaos Communication Congress and its Call for Participation are coming up really soon now. And as we still wipe the Camp’s dust from our sleeves, we noticed that we might ask you for support.

Building a Congress Fahrplan requires working through a lot of submissions in our frab from people responding to our Call for Participation. But our restless curation teams will be also busy approaching potential speakers for topics not yet covered. However, from time to time, we were missing developments worth covering.

On the other hand, over the last years, we managed to tap into our community’s wisdom time and again to make our Fahrplans even better, you helped us with avoiding scheduling conflicts and with your preferences regarding our lecture grid. So naturally, it’s only fair to ask you again to help us out and use our tiny feedback tool you can find here https://content.events.ccc.de/haveyoursay to submit your ideas on what we could try to cover at 36C3 to make the next Congress a better experience for everyone!

Thank you!

(And please, refrain from any blockchain jokes.)

** Wentworht Cynthia, CC0