stagnation 2018

stagnation 2018

The first time stagnation – the first camp only for young hackers. Following the slogan of “no borders, just stagnation” the event will happened in Debrznica, Poland. There you have the opportunity to Experience, Experiment and Try Out. Multicopter, beautiful blacksmithing or an own project – many things are possible and there will be something for everyone.

It’s a camp, so you will sleep in your (own) Tent. Sanitary facility, Power, Internet and Food are provided by us.

We have 55 Tickets for Youngsters and young Adults from 14 to 21 Years of age, each costing 150€. Travel from Berlin to Debrznica is organised by us.

If money is a problem or we have the opportunity to support you, both with the travel to berlin as well as the ticket. Just send us an eMail to and we will find a solution. We will to our best that money is not a reason for not participating.

Arrival: 10.06. from Berlin
Departure: 14.08. to Berlin
Exact times will follow

Please organize the travel to berlin on your own, but you can contact us if you need help with that.

The tickets are sold on, more information can be found at If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write us at